Sellout remaining home games!!!

If you're thinking about (and sitting on your hands) about any remaining home games, buy now. What a cool thing it would be for us to say during week 4, "You couldn't possibly get a ticket for any Rider game for the rest of the year". What a statement that would be to the rest of the league that we are the best fans anywhere. Has it ever been done, I don't know, but I doubt it.

You know your going to go anyway, so why wait? I bought mine weeks ago. Of course, couldn't get Labour day, but I got the rest I wanted.

I have a very good suspicion that there will be extra seating in place for labour day and beyond, so sell outs might be a bit harder. As long as the team is playing well though I see them getting sold.

Hey Billy, what about those temporary seats they put in for Grey Cup a few years ago? Can those be set up quickly and economically?

Sportsmen, the riders are currently looking at the temp seat issue.

Based on numbers that were tossed around last year. For the number seats that the riders had for the grey cup, I think they said they would need 5 games to break even (that wasn't counting the higher priced tickets for the playoffs). If this was true, then they would need to move fast as they only have another game before they hit the magic 5 game number.

If it makes financial sense, more power to the Riders. Its not often team(s) get to ride a "Popularity" wave.

Whats that saying??? "Make hay while the Sun shines"

is saturday's game sold out?

Temp seating should have been in place for the start of the 2008 season..

a 5000 seat bleacher system is approx. 1/8 construction time as a 20000 seat. Taylor field is a commercial site, yet an industrial wage was paid for the construction of the Grey Cup bleachers, a differance of 7.00 per man hour.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Why oh why do we not build a new home now? With Brad Wall running around asking his MLA's how the people of Sask want to spend the extra 3 billion we have in excess revenues, and coming off a Grey Cup win, and with Rider support at an all time high, if we don't do it now, then when? We need a new home. AND who in Saskacthewan would argue with Brad Wall if he announced this?

neilca you won't see a new stadium build unless the city of Regina changes it policy related to the use of the stadium for concerts and stuff.

From the rumors I have heard, Pat F. is still making up and kissing butts for bringing the stones in a couple of years ago.

If they were to build a new stadium I would like to see it on the old superstore site. It would be the anchor into downtown and great location....

If plans are made to go ahead with a new building, I hope they put some thought into and plan to have some quality restaurants/pubs nearby to liven up the gameday experience.

I heard a rumour a few months back that Saskatoon is trying to get the Riders to move there. They say they can fit more people into the stadium, again that is just a rumour. If that ever happens I will cry so hard, but it wouuld be great for the people in Saskatoon who can’t get to any games, but I would cry because I know I would never ever get to any games again.

Never say never, my friend ...

I apologize for the rant,but it's too bad that feasible options for temp seating were overlooked.......all those tough years marketing the team and now it practically markets itself...WE have missed a golden opportunity to add new and potentially life long Rider season ticket holders......GO RIDERS

They had a nice set of blue prints up.. ill try and find a link...

old superstore site?? wow i have been gone a long time... and yes i agree that would be PERFECT location for a new stadium... as theres still decent parking room around there. plus if i ever visit for a home game i'd be staying with family within stumbling distance.

Yup, just announced by Hopson. :smiley:

Some guy bought the old Superstore. He was supposed to turn it into an office building, that was last year, haven't heard anything since.

Actually, (being from Saskatoon myself), I wouldn't like the idea of a move to S'toon. I live for the road trip to Regina.

And like the other guy said DJ, never say never. I just read in the other post where you mentioned you were 15 years old, that really suprised me somewhat as I have been reading lots of your posts being your a regular here. I just assumed you had 30 years of Rider support under your belt already! Just imagine all those road trips you would have if that ever happened (which it won't).

Really? I hadn't heard there was a problem (but sometimes I tend to live in a bubble).

Was there damage to the field? Do you know what the problem was?

I personally would be against anything non-sports related for field use, why spend that kind of money for turf only to have some glazed-doughnut for a roadie for some band drop 1000 pound crossbeam on it or running forklifts all over it.