Sellout in the Peg Friday?

We possibly looking at 29K+ at the Peg for Friday Night?

Looks like BC has only singles left for Sat. night.

It’ll sell out here. 25*C, sunny and the Riders in town? No way it won’t be filled.

I believe tickets sales are at about 24,000 so with walk-up it will probably be about 26,000-27,000 again. I hope there are more but with the Folk Festival on until Sunday and the Argos being not the greatest sell right now it might be less than a sell-out.

Less than a sellout. . . hmm. . . are sanjay and housedog still boycotting the games? If it comes in as 2 seats shy of a sellout, I guess we know where the blame lies. . .

I don't know who the source of the 24,000 sold was so it might be wrong.

But housedog promised to be happy if Mike Kelly was fired…and if he doesn’t attend in person, he isn’t a real fan by his own definition…

Won't be a sellout, but I'll be there and it WILL be loud!
Cheers to the homies who couldn't make it to the game (out of town, etc.) and comment on here.

Heard on CJOB pregame that with 90 mins before game time tickets sales were over 27000. Could be a great large crowd.

Large walk up crowd, almost 28,000 now.

i know this isnt about the attendance, but this game is NOT in HD...even if they say it is, i know this isnt.
this is out of focus!
not happy!

I'm a Winnipegger and I'll go to more Blue Bomber games when we have a new stadium. Canad Inns Stadium really IS that bad!! ... It's simply not worth it to spend $75.00 and be uncomfortable for 3+ hours.

It's pro sports in the 21st century. You deserve to have more than a half-inch of legroom and not have to step over 30 people to go for a bite to eat or use the (disgusting) washrooms.

In 2012 and beyond, I've little doubt that 33,000 tickets will be sold well before each and every Blue Bomber home game (sellout) at the new stadium!

what makes it uncomfortable? i have never been.

When they took out the benches and replaced them with seats it really affected the leg room. I'm a 5'4" woman and when sitting in one of the seats my knees are up against the seat in front of me - that's how little leg room there is.

just gotta strattle the seat infront of you :lol:

Jets doesnt even talk about the CFL anyways hes just a troll on the bombers board 90% of the time he just talks about how community ownership is terrible and how we need private ownership (which is already happening)

Noticed on the pre game today. Every team is on the stadium trail except the Argos. Skydome is still new by cfl standards though

Nothing really wrong with Skydome that a 10,000 more people in it can't fix.

That would be awesome of they sold that many seats. The should give away the whole upper section to high schools. The seats don't sell anyways.