Selling Tiger Cat Platinum tickets August 15th game

Hi there Everyone

I bought some Hamilton Tiger Cat Platinum tickets for August 15th game against BC Lions at Tim Hortons Field (Section 115, Row 12) ..I bought the tickets on ticketmaster for 95.00 each which included willing to sell them for 75.00 each or 150.00 for both. If anyone is interested please let me know. Im not able to go to that game that weekend. Thanks !!

I would be willing to drop them down to 130 for both platinum tickets now. I wont be able to go and thats a savings of 70.00. I have some family stuff i need to deal with up north and wont be able to make a trip to Hamilton to see this game. These are amazing 200 dollar tickets for both and you will save 70.00 and helping me out without me losing a huge loss of money.

You can reach me at 905-431-6815 or

Although I see you are willing to take a loss on the sale of the tickets it is against the site rules to advertise here. I assume you were not aware of this rule and did not mean any harm:

· Any posts advertising items you have for sale or are looking to purchase (including tickets), your new website, etc will be removed.

If you were a STH you would have the ability to sell the tickets through your account manager. I assume you aren't. You could always check to see if the Cats will let you exchange them for a future game. Why not call them at 905-547-CATS?

Again I don't think you meant any harm. Good luck. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: