Selling Tickets for home opener (cheap)

So I have a few friends who are season ticket holders and went on vacation and they sold me their tickets for cheap. I myself own four season tickets and took their tickets more as a service to them then to use for myself.

I have 2 tickets in section 121 with the Double Blue Crew which I would sell for $40 together (normally $66). And 4 tickets in section in 128 which I would sell for $70 for all 4 (normally $132) or $40 bucks if you only want two.

All prices are negotiable. If you only want one ticket thats fine too.

The home opener will almost certainly sell out and these prices are easily better than anything that can be bought from a scalper on game day.

Thank You.

MSG me if interested.

Only 2 tickets in section 121 remain.