Selling the CFL Ourselves

This morning the Globe and Mail had a bannner headline "NFL Week 6: we're underway" with links to their interactive NFL scoreboard. Using their comments feature, I questioned whether it was too much to ask to get some CFL coverage in Canada's National Newspaper - and went on about their being no CFL coverage yet tons of NFL and MLB. Not half an hour later, the headline had changed to "Football Sunday: we're underway" with links added to their CFL scoreboard.

My point? Looks like we need to sell the CFL ourselves to our own media. So get out there and do your part.

heh, they actually changed it? lol

This has been the $64,000 question for years and we have been discussing adnauseam.
The Toronto wannabee US city mentality has infected the media and I am not sure how we can change this?

Who reads the Globe and Mail anyways or even goes to their website? Its just an Americanized newspaper.

I had made a thread like this called 'The CFL hype machine', where we were discussing things like this.

I'll bump it up for you.

Good job rassclat. But this confirms why I won't buy this paper, someone shouldn't have to write in to tell them this. But then, as I keep saying, the Globe is a private business and really can do what it wants to do, just like I can and not purchase a copy of it.

But at least they made the change, and made it quickly. That shows a stong desire to listen to what their customers have to say.

lol @ this thread... there is absolutely no buzz about the CFL or the Argos in Toronto. We had this one guy on the radio station here trying to stir something up named chuck swirsky on the Fan 590. He wanted to get people to talk CFL/Argos, but no one called in.. kinda funny.

I guess YOU missed the CFL Vs. the NFL T.V. ratings for the last 8 weeks , including ARGO games. :lol:

How about attendence figures in both HAMILTON and TORONTO. :thup:

Now that is kind of FUNNY :lol:

Who listen's to the FAN? They have very low ratings , themselves , just like the NFL. :thdn:

The only person who is looking at all funny is YOU :thup: :lol:

Its funny, the guy who tries to dump on the CFL has the ARGOS name first on his handle...

Dont feed the trolls!

good plan :thup:
I will not :thup:

LOL @ CFL fans talking about Ratings. I know they get good ratings because people in the country watch it. I guess you missed the point I am always hammering home, the CFL is 27,000 close friends in the Rogers centre. I'd actually like to see the regional ratings of these telecasts. There is no buzz in Toronto about the CFL. The CFL can average 500,000 viewers for all I care, but they'll never be profitable. The league isn't a hot ticket or something. It's not like this is the US and TV Ratings = lucrative Television Contracts, this is Canada! Population of 30 million and 30,000 neilsons boxes spread out through the country. They don't even do a good job on tracking the Ratings here probably because they could care less, but in the US they have what minorities are watching, regional break downs etc.

It's pretty bush league, like the CFL. It's not like I disagree with you guys that the CFL is popular in Canada, the problem is who cares? Canada, outside of Toronto, has a weak sports culture. The CFL isn't even on par with the Arena Football League, even they have a better tv contract, and a video game. :lol:

You guys must have watched sportsnetnews today right? Stephen Brunt said how they couldn't even afford to drug test their players and the league was just trying to stay alive lol. Also Dick Pound is right, the CFL is Jail Time for NFLers LMAO!!!

ROFL!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Translation = Argos_Bills doesn't even know that there are any cities in Canada that exist apart from Toronto. Of course, being the complete moron he is, this is no wonder. :lol:

As much as Argos_Bills is being a dickweed & is blatantly wrong about sports outside of Toronto he raises a good point. The CFL might be in the minds of Canadians but in Toronto with a regional population base in the several millions, they can only muster 27,000 per game. For the league thats great but when this team is in this large a market & musters what other smaller communities do in average attendance, thats definitely a poor yield.

The CFL in Toronto is very miniscule. If the Leafs or Jays are on the TV in pubs... people are chirping about it & watching. If the CFL is on, even the Argos, I might be the only one watching it in on the small TV in the corner.

OK thats embellishing a bit but there really isn't a buzz here. Even if the Argos are in the east final.

I'm a university student in Toronto & originally from Hamilton and I always get poked at for being a CFL fan by the majority of sports enthusiasts here.

One wonders if Argo Bill has ever even been outside of Toronto?
Very little of what he says makes any sense at all.
I think Torontonians need to get a grip and face up to the facts of life.
Many want a NFL team, and they think that the existance of the CFL hinders that.
Guess what?
The NFL looks at the crowds the Argos get and think to themselves, "gee, that city sure isn't much of a sportstown/football town".
And guess what?
most of the rest of Canada looks at TO and thinks the same thing!


I think the funniest thing about Argos_Bills statement is that he's implying that toronto has a stong sports culture, when all it really has is a Leafs culture.

Toronto's sports culture is:
'Everything from the US is cool!'