Selling the BC Lions. When and to Whom.

The When probably at anytime between now and the end of next season. Braley had 2 of 4 Grey Cups in Vavnouver and a 3rd in Toronto.

The Whom There has been reports of several interested parties but it is no secret the Canucks S&E wants to expand their brand and they have been much interested in making the Lions a major part of that.

Canucks S&E holdings NHL Canucks, Rogers Arena, AHL Utica. Had tried to take the Abbortsford BC site for the AHL club. After a year it just did not work with no other teams anywhere near the West.
Aquillini Group, Has within the last several years taken full contra of the NHL Canucks and the re branding to the name os Canucks S&E.
Attempted to win the bid for the MLS Whitecaps and play at an expanded and reno'd Swaggard stadium but Ultimately the 400 million reno of BC Place won out. With a group including Steve Nash. As well as a smaller SSS 20K set up plan for the 50K plus seat BC place.

CFL Clubs costs, National exposure, time of the year, etc. have quickly become a very valuable assets to a sports Brand in Canada,
Calgary S&E: NHL, WHL, NLL, Saddledome, and now CFL Stamps.
OSEG: Started with OHL, Now a groupcreatd : OHL, CHL, NASL, TD Place (Arena and Stadium)
Ticats: With THF now and partnership with city and Tim Horton's adding NASL is in the plans.