Selling 2 Grey Cup Tickets

I'm selling my 2 tickets. I believe they are 200 hundred level. 25 yard line.

I'll have more details hopefully this week.

Open to the highest bidder I would like them sold and finalized by Monday November 19.

Good luck.

Section 510 row 13 seats 9&10.

4 tickets available:

Section 102, row 9.

go sell them on a bid site like Ebay or Kijiji. this isn't an auction website.

this is beng reported.

Why do you have a problem with this ? The game is sold out and many people will be looking for tickets. Saskatchewan fans especialy if their team makes it.

duh… that’s what auction or selling sites are for?!!

i’m pretty sure advertising on here isn’t allowed.

I found his Kijiji Ad. I have no problem with people trying help out fellow CFL fans by selling tickets (at face value) to soldout games. However I do have a problem with people trying to rip people off. He's asking for $1000 per ticket! That's around 2.5 times the face value. What a price gouge!

Here's the Kijiji Ad.

[url=] ... Z422267346[/url]

$1000 per ticket? No, no, good luck to YOU!

I agree, that's nasty and not too smart.

Wow, $1000 for a ticket in the 500 level nosebleeds on about the 10yd line?

That's a bit unrealistic, but hey the game is a month or so away so he might as well ask for as much as he can get.

I wonder how much he'd be asking if they were field level seats?

I got a pretty good feeling that both the Ti-Cats and Argos won't be playing in this years Grey Cup. Once they are officially eliminated I bet TONS of people will be selling their tickets and the prices will go way down.

Game time any cheep seat will be $50. Great seats $100. Have my flight booked, place to stay but no tickets.
They will be scrambling to get ride of tickets. So I'm open to offers now. But still have a chance to win free tickets in my other pool.

Don’t the Riders have a whole section on this forum where they are selling merchandise, but since it’s the Riders I guess it’s OK ?

Hey is this Cory P