Sell Out

Only singles and a few resale left on Ticketmaster!
Stub-Hub currently has (as of 6:45 today) 669 tickets for sale with prices ranging from $27-300 U.S. Dollars(plus fees).
I hope most of the 23,000 people who bought tickets at least try to be in their seats for 12:45, and for the 4th quarter if we need the noise.

Let’s hope the entire stadium makes a lot of noise (mostly on defense of course),even the stuffy fans that give you dirty looks for being loud and cheering on your team at a football game ??

X 2!

I remember in the 1998 east final seeing hardly any empty seats. The so-called sell-outs now seem to include a lot of no-shows that are probably given out to corporate sponsors.

98 Final was around 23 000.

Really???P looked absolutely packed in the videos tho. More packed than I ever see Tim Hortons field look now

The CFL stat site says 25791.
4000 short of a sellout but I remember it looking and feeling more packed then our current stadium.

Definitely the concourse lifestyle has moved bums from the seats!

Yup, 23 something was the announced attendence. With all the bench seating at IWS the rows looked filled but hid more seats than it appeared.

Attendence was 25,700. Apologies.

Only standing tickets available now. I saw that video of Dane Evans urging everyone to wear black for the “Black out?. Should be an amazing atmosphere and loud ?

X 2

Just bought two tickets for the game.

Lets get one thing straight though, im there to support the East. Not the ticats :stuck_out_tongue:

did you buy through the secondary market?

a friend called yesterday to get one of the few remaining standing room only tickets, and was told those too were sold out?

Standing room tickets are like an outdoor concourse.

Is there a place to put one’s refreshments?

I put mine in my mouth. Where else? ;D

There’s still standing room available on Ticketmaster. Also some single seats. Not resale.


My friend called again earlier (when I read this thread) and they told her they opened up 200 more standing room only tickets this AM.

She’ll be standing with the rest of the elite fans, cheering, and holding her drink :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

StubHub showing 382 tickets left. Some decent prices also.