Sell Out?

Just wondering if the labor day game is sold out already in Calgary? The Stamps fans are finally getting something to cheer about and no doubt the optimism and enthusiasm are back. Stamps fans should really be congratulated for the support they have shown Calgary in the last couple years as the team rebuilt and is now hitting on all cylinders.

I mentioned Scott Coe the other day, but he really deserves another kudo. Game in and game out he has been steady this year. He really solidifies the Stamps linebacking core.

When I first heard that Higgins had ended up down there, I thought that he would need a season or two to see real tangible results but that has not been the case. The un-nerving part for Eskimo fans should be that Calgary looks like they have not hit thier full potential and should just get better.

As long as they keep this group together and continue to add similar quality players they should be enjoying the same results and more for the next few years and beyond.


As of Sunday they had 2500 tickets left and predict a sell out.

I think that all games will sell out.It's the LABOUR DAY week end.


the Labour Day game always sells out … it’ll sell out for sure.