Sell out tomorrow?

Havn't heard much on tickets over the last couple of days? Not sure if we are going to sell out Saturday night (???)

Paper said 25,000 ish.

Having been a season ticket holder since '86, I can't help but stop and ponder in my own bewilderment (or perhaps it's awe) that I actually said to myself, after reading the Spec this morning, "Geez, only 25,000 - that's disappointing."

My, how times have changed! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we can sell out so I can tell my folks in London we sold out, I know I've mentioned here before how I always get from them they sell-out every London Knights game.
Come on Cat fans in the area, let's just do it! Buy a ticket and come on down to the game.

the argos had 27, 600?

im saying hamilton better have a packed house tomorrow....i got my tickets!!!

oskee wee wee
eat those alouettes RAW!

i hope they do sell-out!, or it will be a disapointment for sure, to ensure this, all season ticket holders, bring a friend or two, or five!!!, let's rock IW, they need our loud cheers. Lets get LOUD!!!!!!!

the pre season was packed so i really hope ths game is.. or else man.. haha

kinda like the price of gas....

expected crowds and gas prices have doubled in the past four - seven years or so.... yipes.

I bet had we beaten the Argos convincingly that we would have had a sellout.Unfortunately we did not and we looked unimpressive and we lost some momentum for the home openner.It is only one game and hopefully we play a much better game vs Montreal and start building the momentum back!

Well, the weather forecast looks absolutely perfect for tomorrow night......that might help the last minute walk-up crowd decide to get down to the game.....

just announced on ch sports at 645pm 27,000 tickets sold so far

I notice they don't have the "guaranteed ticket or you get free dinner" promotion going on for this game...I wonder if that will make a difference for walk up crowds (???)

oh o...1 day to sell 600 tickets or the argos win that battle too.

altho id rather them sell-out the game.

Well, considering populations, I think we still win if you look at % of city going to games.