Sell Out...Really?????

The crowd was very late arriving but the upper deck players side was 1/3 empty yet they announced a sell out?
Did only the fans from the upper deck decide not to use their tix?

Not sure why you are concerned about the empty seats but I will try and give my interpretation , possibly maybe the scalpers who bought some of the tickets could not sell them , or , maybe the corporate folks who bought blocks of them and disturbed them to their employees did not show up , or maybe all those folks standing in the concourses were contributing to the empty seats or maybe all of the above.

If you are still concerned , I guess you could give the ticats offices a call and ask them whats up . Lets us know what their explanation is . Cheers

The concourse.

When you buy a ticket at the top of Section 212…why would you sit there, when you can go stand on the 55 yard line on the concourse???

The concourses on both sides are full of people who have no intention of sitting. I have a friend who bought seasons up top on the east side and stood on the west concourse, all season.

I'll bet there are easily over 2,000 people on the concourse levels at any given time during the games.

They should definitely police this are better and move people along…not to mention they make it difficult to get back from concessions.

There were ~600 seats left unsold on Friday - as per TicketMaster. That sounded about right to me on game day. As for the additional empty seats, there were a ton of people walking around and watching from the standing area.

basically this!

thats what i would do. aint no way im making it up there with my fear of heights! lol

I got $25 tickets for my buddy up in 212.
Then a pair in row 2 in front of me came up so I bought them and they sat there.
So, now you know why 2 were empty up top east side. 598 more to go. Anyone?

Typically each home team and the Tiger-Cats are No different keep about a few hundred tickets aside so they maybe be purchased by the opposition team in this case the Toronto Argos, NUFF SAID!!

I am with a group of 6 who have season seats in section 202 (last year and this year). last game was the first game in the ~15 games at Tim Horton's field in which I actually went to my seat and sat in it. Oh, and that was for less than 1 qtr of the game. The same goes for the other 5 gentlemen in my group.

That's correct, at any time there are people crowding the concourses and watching the game from there rather than sitting in their seats. Also at any time during a game there are people lining up at concessions or going to the washrooms.
It's the same situation in Ottawa, the councourse is like 130 yards long and people are lined up 2 or 3 deep.
Of course you will always have empty seats.

Lower seating full. Upper seating not close.

I don’t doubt it was a “sell out”. People were legitimately laughing in our section when they started bragging over the speakers.

It wasn’t nearly full attendance though, that much was clear.

We sit in 55 yard line seats. People cared so little for this game the was a block of 6 seats in a row that remained empty the entire game beside us. that’s between $360 - $540 depending on if they are season seats or not that were wasted.

I have a photo of the east side. Entire rows of seats empty.

You can’t tell me that the people on the concourse all happened to be in the exact same sections/rows.

As long as they get the money that’s good for them, but they are missing opportunities to expose people to these games.

It says a lot that people found better things to do than play-off football.

Anyone who's been to THF will tell you that this is probably a conservative estimate.

The concourses are party central.

2,000 would be an awful lot of people if they are lined up along the barriers to watch the game, they would have to be at least 5 deep. The concourse is roughly 120 yards long, the average fans is 2 to 3 feet wide, If fans line up along the concourse side by side to watch the game there would be around 360 to 500 people.

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That's THEIR loss, then. As long as all the seats were paid for, the team will make money. Of course, seeing empty seats is a shame, but nobody can force those people to either attend the game, or sit their butts down instead of watching from the concourse.

The concourse issue that I have, is that it gets WAY too crowded (both at THF and TDP) when one needs to answer the call of nature or acquire "food". One thing of which I really worry is the Fire Marshall codes. IF an emergency happens, it might be quite difficult to either empty the stadium or make a pathway for EMS (or those in wheelchairs, scooters, etc)...

A sell out is what it sounds like. It is deemed a "sell out" when a certain percentage of seats are sold and usually, only single seating remains. Butts in seats or empty seats, if the ticket was sold than it counts toward the sell out.

Generally, more tickets sold mean more people in their seats, but never would you get 100% of people going to the game due to personal reasons (maybe they fell ill, have a family matter to attend to, need to work, season ticket holders who can't make it). For the people who do go, at any given time there are people in the concourses, in the bathrooms, on the patio, outside smoking, at the concessions. When I was in the nosebleeds for the Montreal game, there was a family beside me that really annoyed me because they constantly left for and came back to their seats. They probably spent 50% of the time out of their seats. There was actually a good deal of people around me considering when the seats were. I believe it was section 207?

The preseason game against Ottawa I won free club seating tickets. Most of the people were inside all the time. If you're ever looking at the club section and think it's empty, it's not. Everyone's inside sitting at the bar or at tables, eating all the delicious free food.


Why are we having this conversation again? I swear I read this exact thread after every game. Every game was listed as a sellout, the team is profitable for the first time in ages, we have a great stadium for both the players and the fans, and I always seem to enjoy my time when I go there.

If anyone is so curious about this, maybe next time they should count the heads of the people at the stadium, one by one. If you're complaining about the amount of people at the game, you aren't paying enough attention to the football game on the field anyway. You go to the game, watch the game, enjoy the game. Don't worry about what anyone else does. :cowboy:

The concourse issue that I have, is that it gets WAY too crowded (both at THF and TDP) when one needs to answer the call of nature or acquire "food". One thing of which I really worry is the Fire Marshall codes. IF an emergency happens, it might be quite difficult to either empty the stadium or make a pathway for EMS (or those in wheelchairs, scooters, etc)...
At one of the games I went to, I believe it was the Toronto Hamilton one in early August (Civic Holiday?), they were worried about lightning and everyone was supposed to go inside. The line up on the stairs to get into the concourse was BRUTAL. I couldn't get out anyway, so I sat in my seat and said, "F*** it, if I get hit by lightning I will die watching Ticats and that'd be ok with me." :lol:

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So... Never been to THF, eh?

That's the thing though, it's only funny until a preventable death occurs. :frowning:

Fire code regulations exist for a reason, and the people who manage the stadium on game days need to take their public safety responsibilities seriously, even if it takes a dent out of "having a party atmosphere" on the concourse.

That WOULD give a more accurate representation of how many people are there. With the electronic ticket scanners they use it should be no problem at all. Obviously they want to announce sell-outs, and have got their money whether the people show up or not. Of course, if they're not there then they're not buying $10 lukewarm beer or fries...

I was at that game too! I did the same thing, looked at the crowd trying to go down and stayed put. After half an hour everyone got to come back, and I never had to move.

I don't get the whole concourse thing. You can see pretty darn good even from "cheap" seats- I've been in 218 a couple times and didn't mind it at all. Why would I want to fight "2000" other people for a spot to stand up or lean for 3 hours, when I have a nice reserved seat just up the stairs? They even bring the beers to you!

Your first paragraph is right on. Then take into account that the average No Show rate for sporting events in the US ranges between 18% and 20% of sold tickets. "No Show" meaning ticket purchased, buyer did not attend the event.