Sell Out Ivor Wynne (A NEW MOVEMENT)

Below our the CFL attendance stats. In average we rank 7th in attendance and we're only bringing in about 4,000 more people at our games then the Argos... Having said that we did also have a game in Moncton that dropped our average, but thats besides point. We should aim to be like Sask. Winnipeg, Calgary Etc.. Ivor Wynne Stadium can hold just over 30,000 on a sell out. The games would certainty have a more intense feel to them and the players would love the atnosphere. Anyways, I plan to start a website called during this off season and I think we should all get involved and promote our team and try to pack the house in Ivor Wynne's last year. Whos with me??
CFL Attendance Tracker 2011

Overall Attendance Leaders
(Regular Season only -- Average of attendance)
Final tally

Edmonton -- (34, 737)
Calgary -- (30,541)
Saskatchewan - (29,940)
British Columbia -- (29,725) ** first two thirds of season at Empire Field
Winnipeg -- (29,561)
Montreal -- (24,058)
Hamilton -- (23,676)
Toronto -- (20,018)

League Average-- 27,782

Team by Team
Week by Week

Montreal Alouettes

November 13-- Hamilton at Montreal (33,051) at Olympic Stadium (East Final)

October 30-- Calgary at Montreal (24,051)
October 16-- Hamilton at Montreal (23,668)
October 10-- Toronto at Montreal (23,960)
September 18-- Winnipeg at Montreal (24,642)
September 11-- Hamilton at Montreal (24,304)
August 11-- Edmonton at Montreal (24,448)
July 24-- Saskatchewan at Montreal (24,434)
July 15-- Toronto at Montreal (24,698)
June 30 -- BC at Montreal (22,317)

Pre season- 21,223

Toronto Argonauts

November 3-- Hamilton at Toronto (20,833)
October 21-- Edmonton at Toronto (19,176)
October 14-- Calgary at Toronto (18,720)
October 1-- Hamilton at Toronto (21,853)
September 24-- Winnipeg at Toronto (19,108)
September 2-- BC at Toronto (19,593)
August 18-- Saskatchewan at Toronto (20,482)
August 4 -- Montreal at Toronto (19,204)
July 23-- Winnipeg at Toronto (21,189)

Pre season 12,851

Hamilton Tiger Cats

October 22-- British Columbia at Hamilton (25,536)
October 7 -- Winnipeg at Hamilton (23,268)
September 25-- Calgary at Hamilton (20,153) at Moncton NB
September 16-- Edmonton at Hamilton (22,654)
September 5-- Montreal at Hamilton (26,964)
August 13-- Toronto at Hamilton (24,347)
July 29-- Montreal at Hamilton (24,068)
July 16-- Saskatchewan at Hamilton (22,245)
July 1 -- Winnipeg at Hamilton (23,852)

Pre season-- 26,732

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
** Temporary seats added to CanadInn Stadium August 26

October 28-- Toronto at Winnipeg (29,751)
October 21-- Montreal at Winnipeg (30,360)
September 30-- Montreal at Winnipeg (30,447)
September 11-- Saskatchewan at Winnipeg (30,518)
August 26 -- Hamilton at Winnipeg (30,338)
August 5-- Edmonton at Winnipeg (29,553)
July 28-- British Columbia at Winnipeg (29,553)
July 14-- Calgary at Winnipeg (27,890)
July 8-- Toronto at Winnipeg (27,638)

Pre season-- 29, 117

Saskatchewan Rough Riders

October 29-- Hamilton at Saskatchewan (29,073)
October 16-- British Columbia at Saskatchewan (30,048)
September 24-- British Columbia at Saskatchewan (30,048)
September 17-- Toronto at Saskatchewan (30,048)
September 4-- Winnipeg at Saskatchewan (30,048)
August 12-- Calgary at Saskatchewan (30,048)
July 30-- Calgary at Saskatchewan (30,048)
July 9 -- Montreal at Saskatchewan (30,048)
July 3 -- Edmonton at Saskatchewan (30,048)

Pre season-- 29,130

Edmonton Eskimos

November 13-- Calgary at Edmonton (30, 183) West Final

November 4-- Saskatchewan at Edmonton (30,845)
October 16-- Winnipeg at Edmonton (30,734)
October 10-- Saskatchewan at Edmonton (38,054)
September 23-- Montreal at Edmonton (40,274)
September 9-- Calgary at Edmonton (45,672)
August 19-- British Columbia at Edmonton (36,216)
July 29-- Toronto at Edmonton (32,478)
July 16-- British Columbia at Edmonton (32,297)
July 9 -- Hamilton at Edmonton (26,266)

Pre season-- 32,796

Calgary Stampeders

November 5-- Winnipeg at Calgary (29,076)
October 21-- Saskatchewan at Calgary (29,698)
October 1-- Saskatchewan at Calgary (33,489)
September 17-- British Columbia at Calgary (29,929)
September 5-- Edmonton at Calgary (35,650)
August 27-- Montreal at Calgary (30,386)
August 6-- Hamilton at Calgary (29,307)
July 23-- Edmonton at Calgary (29,910)
July 1 -- Toronto at Calgary (27,428)

Pre season-- 8,235

British Columbia Lions
First five games played at Empire Field, final four played at BC Place - marked as **

November 5-- Montreal at British Columbia (35,454)
October 29-- Edmonton at British Columbia (29,749)**
October 8-- Calgary at British Columbia (30,622)**
September 30-- Edmonton at British Columbia (50,213)**
September 10-- Toronto at British Columbia (25,263)
August 11-- Winnipeg at British Columbia (24,131)
August 5-- Saskatchewan at British Columbia (25,238)
July 22-- Hamilton at British Columbia (24,117)
July 8-- Calgary at British Columbia (22,378)

Pre season-- 18,742

Being the last season at the old Ivor Wynne, you can count me in. I'm getting seasons tickets for next year. Win or lose, I love this team and am ready to support them.

We have a great nucleus of young players and experience and this team will be better next year for sure.

Wow, Calgary didn't even sell 10,000 for preseason game? That is crazy, I know it's preseason and all, but still expect about double that! I sure hope you guys can sell out a few games next year, I'm surprised you guys don't sell out though. You guys seem to have a lot of fans, or at least a lot on this forum, so I thought it would transmit to more going to games.

I'm with ya man. I make it a point to hustle up at least 2 ticket sales to every game during the season but i usually get more. The sweet deals we get as STH's on extra tickets makes it an easy sell. All my buddies know I'm the guy when they need tickets.

If every fan worked to sell two more seats each game we would sell out every game. And your efforts don't go unrecognized by the team either. I was rewarded this year as the Citizen of the Game. Someone is chosen for each game. I received an Avon Cobourne jersey, met Mark Homminick and Sam Stout on the sidelines and we all participated in the opening Oskee Wee Wee. Did I mention 6 months of free Pizza Pizza? Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

8) It doesn't work that way around here "roughride" !!
  I would venture to say that a majority of fans on this site don't even bother going to the games here !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

It was the same day as Game 7 in the Stanley Cup... the Vancouver Riots and all...

That's sad, you guys seem like you have a lot of good fans, you guys sure make a lot of noise for not having a packed house. The Ticats seem like they just have to go after the casual fans a little more. I don't know if it's cause you guys are so close to the US border, and many people follow the NFL instead, or if the ticket prices are a little high, but I think with some good marketing you guys should be able to raise your average up closer to 30K. I think once your team starts fielding above .500 teams that should also help, you guys went through some dark times not too long ago, and are starting to slowly build your way back. Even in Riderville this year, after making it to back-to-back GCs by the end of the year there was somewhere just over 20,000 people at the games. Although paid ticket count was a lot higher then that. Hope we don't go through a long drought of bad teams, or Sask will be in some big trouble as we seem to have a lot of fans who are just here to support the winning teams.

And I did not know that was the same night, that explains A LOT!

Tipper - wrong my friend. Box J Row 13 Seats 34 and 35 come by and visit.