.........Got to hand it to marketing.....IF he hangs em up, i want him to come back as a promoter for the BigBlue...better than what we have now.....Clean that dead-wood out of the Bomber organization, who do very little to get max. exposure for this club.... It seems we struggle to sell-out a play-off game...and even going back to the Cup a few years back we lagged behind till the eleventh hour...That has to change..There's got to be a change in the future... :oops: Stegal has put his pride on the line....its about time the Bomber fans put their total backing for this team up-front and their arses into Canad Inns seats... :x :thup:

I'm glad you brought this up pappa, because the marketing has been deplorable.

The Bombers need to go private with Asper sounds like.

...the new stadium would come with private ownership... certainly boosting attendence but in these days of the cash-crunch.....i think it would now have to be built under the term 'infrastructure' for any govt. to get involved.....and if that's the case it looks like Peggers have frittered away the chance for a new facility, sadly.... sooooo we'll need some good luck in the days and years ahead to survive... and we're certainly gonna need it... :cry: :roll:

....oops that should read 'attendance' in my previous bad ...back to school.... :?

Its too bad the Bombers have not backed this up with a decent marketing effort.

If we don't have a sell out I lay the blame squarely on them.

How long have we known we were hosting a playoff game?

We had a great chance to sell tickets before the weather turned foul. Once the snow hit there's not a lot of people who want to think about sitting in the stands.

I pray and hope that fans come out anyway and support our team regardless of the weather and we get a loud and proud sell out.

Really you blame the martketing division. I blame the piss poor efforts by the fans of this city. who cares what the weather is put on a winter jacket and some dam snow pants buy a ticket and support this team that apparently everyone loves. this will be my 12th game this season that i watch live. and like everyone before i will be proud to be wearing my colors cheering on the team.

if this game is not a sell out i blame every so called bomber fan that was to afraid to sit in the weather for 3 hours

did they sell out the stadium?? not that it matters.........the peg fans & team only made one mistake they under estimated the evil empire......& lost as everyone who doesnt give the ee enough respect always do..
defence for ee played awesome .. offence did what they had to ..a sad fairwell to mouthy milt & bye bye to kevin glen ")
muhhhaaaaa muhhhaaaaa uhhhaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah .east = losers always were always will be
esks in grey cup!!!!!!!

remember back a few years.......2 playoff game wins / grey cup win......they said the ee were not even supposed to be there lol

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

i never under estimated edmonton. i knew they had a good team and could beat us. but i do say if the bombers defence could have covered a pass play within 5 yards then ricky would have failed and edmonton would have failed. all game he threw swing passes, hitches, crossing routes, and short out routes. over then the one long ball on blown coverage to campbell. and dammed if any body on the bombers sideline or box could figure that out then we could have easily shut down ricky.

i admit the defence for edmonton played very well but w stuck with reid to long. even though he fumbled he wqas getting much better production per carry then reid was.

but whats done is done and thankfully our under .500 season is over.

...the Bombers had the predictable result from a coach who says....' just remember you guys (players)'re here on this team ....NOT because you're the most talented,,,but because you're the cheapest.....What a great way to start the year...and i guess we got the reults that kind of statement brings....Don't blame the fans...when you hear stuff like that, it's kinda discouraging and disheartening, to say the least.....not only from a players perspective but also long-lived fans...That is not my idea of a coach.. :thdn: