Sell out after Sell out after Sellout.

Awesome to see so many sellout games.
It would be nice if the whole league had all sell outs all the time. Some of the bigger cities should be having much larger crowds, especially if their team is doing good.

Riders Vs Montreal = sellout.

Yeah, Rider Nation is amazing...

Great to see, I heard that the average attendance this year league wide is 28,830'ish as well, and it's gone up a whole bunch of years in a row.

Here's the and the fans WILL come out!

Sure a difference from the Ford years. Back then the philosophy was lets aim for 3rd and hope for a miracle. They thought they could not afford good players because fan turn-out was not good. Winning brings in the crowd, the crowd brings in money and then you can afford the players. Yes it is a little different with the cap but the new management philosphy is good.

Well at least I know I didn't just jump on the bandwagon like some have. I was always going to games.

Imagine if the Regina Rams got 25,000ish. They are winning often.

I recall them getting close to 10,000 for a playoff game at TF against U of S, which is pretty good for CIS.

That has a lot to do with it! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't worry, we have our share of "Fairweather" fans out here in BC. It wasn't long ago our fan base was 9,000 Season tickets.

Really?! Holy. How could there only be 9k in a city like Vancouver?

It's called living in a really nice city with a really bad CFL team and a good NHL team. We also had the NBA for a little while.

Forgot about the Grizz. I remember when Stevie Franchise was being a baby about playing in Vancouver... Also rememer Shareef Abdur-Rahim. He was one of my fave players when he was good.

When was this that the 9k was happening?

Not that long ago, late 90's, early 2000's. We didn't have the proper management with the Lions until Brailey brought in Bobby Ackles and Wally Buono. They brought stability to our team and are a major reason why we're second in the CFL in attendance. It truly is a fairy-tale type of story here in BC.

Of course the Canucks are still king in this town, but the Lions now have a steady fan-base that isn't dependent on the Canucks not playing. I'm upset I have to miss the Lions game on Friday as I'll be at the Canucks home opener.

Who was it that bought the Lions for a dollar back in the 90s?

hmm solid

Shareef Abdul Rahim? What a ball hog!!!!

Yeah, I dunno why, but he was lol