Select the Playoff Anthem

Unfortunately the site seems to offer no selections at the time of this posting, but I'm sure it will be working shortly. I know I'm voting for Uprising

love this idea!
I would have added a few different songs but ya...

Trick Daddy - Lets Go is an amazing pump up song.

The anthem has always been and will continue to be O Canada

I agree, I would have loved to hear Ozzy Osbourne, Let me Hear you Scream on the list.

Put On - Young Jeezy ft Kanye West

But there are a ton of songs I could pick.
I just cant wait for the game!

Just something about Metalicas Sandman that is over the top.


Those are all good entrance songs, but I'm with the good Dr., Enter Sandman just has that special something that really gets the blood pumping.

Lose Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something tells me that they're not proposing replacing the National Anthem, just (as it says on the web site) the "song the Ticats come out to".

(Sorry if I missed a joke here.)

You missed the joke. BTW given those choices I chose Alan Parsons Project but prefer none of the above and wish there was an option of not a chance in h--- to some

Sirius is too synonymous with the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls for me to pick that. Good song, but every time I hear all I can think of is "From North Carolina..."

Also, if you don't like any of them, don't pick any. Not that it will matter, because one of the 11 will be the song.

Hard to tell sometimes on the boards. My bad. :oops:

Its self defense actually . I absolutely hate some of them and its a vote against those

No biggie

Should of had a hilbilly song for AKT to pick.


Hate country hate rap hate hip hop hate disco. Love blues, jazz, beebop, hard rock, heavy metal, most classical. Not to worry I like more than I don’t. The ones on that list I like don’t seem appropriate

Sounds like we have VERY similar tastes in music after all. (Except, as you may or may not remember, I don't mind rap.)

How about that old "CFL on CTV" theme from the '70s - Give It One, by Maynard Ferguson. Ok, maybe not - something tells me not too many people would appreciate it. Guess we're stuck with whatever the majority votes for from the limited list of tunes. (Actually, I'll probably never hear it - TSN tends not to show the team coming out much.)

Rage.. all the way... this is a kickass tune

Eye of the Tiger isn't a selection???

Tisk Tisk selection committee. Tisk Tisk.

Think of all that Rocky was able to accomplish after he listened to Eye of the Tiger!!!

Thats a good suggestion. Everything about it is right