Seems we are about 1 million over the salary cap

Please correct me if I am wrong but it appears to me that we will need to shed about 1 million in players salary before the season starts so we would likely have to cut or trade a handful of veterans.
The Salar

CFL needs a website like CapFriendly (for the NHL) that provides fans the details of rosters and contracts ... luckily for teams that need to dump salary (in the context of some sort of normal season) player contracts are not guaranteed ... so teams eat bonuses already paid but can just terminate contracts (cut players) if a beneficial trade cannot be made.

Where do you get your information from? Do you have a spreadsheet of players and salaries? It would be informative if you could share with the rest of us so we can contribute to this discussion from a base of knowledge.



No sarcasm. Honest question. I’d really like to see the list he used come to his conclusion. Wouldn’t you. I don’t know where this info is available in the public domain.

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No way to know what was spent against last years cap for players this year.

Losing Westerman, Masoli, Adrian Tracy (And whoever else I am forgetting) to long term injury allowed us to pocket major $$$ and sign players for this season.

I would consider it sarcasm only because Gerbear has a poor reputation for providing accurate information. I wait patiently for him to prove his reputation wrong. :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:


The "base of knowledge" line sounded tongue-in-cheek. As Lenny knows better than most. I will not hold my breath.

Please do not hold your breath because one day it's a miracle , it will disappear . You can't really survive without your breath . I'm no doctor but I do know that much . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (a big Dayton Allen fan)

I could be wrong, but I am 95% sure housing allowances usually about $10-15,000 per player, are reported as part of player salaries but do not actually count towards the cap. Plus, usually, a team will sign 60-70 players but then cut them down to 46 active plus the practice roster, so adding up the salaries at this point isn't really accurate.
Plus, Masoli, Banks, Evans and Lawrence all restructured or renewed their contracts recently , I think it was a way to move money around to save the team some cap room. I know for sure a large portion of Masoli's 2020 salary is being drawn from leftover 2019 money and doesn't count towards this year's cap. That's why he re-signed before the new year.
Of course this is all in consideration during normal times only.

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I'll bet any players who had the foresight to structure their contracts with a big up-front bonus (e.g. in February) are pretty happy about that right now.

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At this time of the season or pre-season, teams have an average of roughly 75 to 80 players signed, excluding upcoming draft choices.

Yes, when you count/ add the estimated salaries of all these players, all TEAMS ARE IN EXCESS of the $5.3 millions max. cap.

When the season starts-usual season- no less than 25 and as much as 30 of these players are released and in most, if not all situations, teams are within the max. approved cap.


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Masoli 400 k
Evans. 300
Banks 200
Breaux 220
j'Gared Davis 200
Dylan Wynn 180
Ted Laurent 175
Van Zeyl 220
Simoni Lawrence 170
Dean 110
Rico 120
Posey 130
Revenberg 140
Ciraco 130
Filer 130
F.Williams 140
Rolle 130
Irons 65
Thomas - Erlington 110
kalinic 65
Okafor 100
Gibbon 65
Frey 65
Newton 65
Tucker 65
Mauldin 65
Jalin Saunders 65
Adeleke 130
Daley 110
Ungerer 65
Berevette 65
Howsare 110
Levels 110
Brooks 140
Reed- Herdman 100
Stephen 110
Bennett 100
David Dean 65
Q. Ford 90
Tate 65
Acklin 65
Golding 80
Crawford 80
White K 65
Wade 75
Wadford 100

Are these actuals or just your estimate?

I'd be surprised if Stephen was getting paid that much. True he's a vet, Canadian, and a good leader, but that's a lot of money for a guy that primarily plays special teams.

Adeleke has been in the league 3 years. Talented, usually a starter, and Canadian, but 130k seems a bit high.

Saunders isn't on the team either. He's not a league-min talent either

Other than Saunders (who just signed with Ottawa) this seems to be a fairly complete list. What is the source of your information though? Are the numbers your "best" guess or is it documented somewhere that you can provide a link to?

Well Courtney is a vet and can start at safety or corner and is great on special teams and we had to steal him back from Calgary in Free Agency that always bumps up your value.
We signed Adeleke as a Free Agent deal out of Calgary where he had started at SAM linebacker and Safety. He had a brilliant season last year and was a CFL ALL-STAR at safety going into a free agent year. Canadians all get overpayed especially if they start and are an all-star selection. If they are a ratio buster like Andrew Harris, Hec Muamba, Bo Lokombo, Van Zeyl, Ted Laurent and previously Alex Singleton. Ratio Buster means a guy that can play a non traditional national position as well as imports.
Traditional National positions are ;
These 6 of 7 national starters required are most common.

As for Jalin Saunders....That is my bad as I meant Jalin Marshall so he'd be 65 k
Interesting though that Jalin Saunders did return to the CFL recently with Ottawa. I was going to say Rough Riders oops.
Most of the salaries were announced online, newspaper, radio, ticats talk.
When I first started thinking the Ticats were going way over the cap is when we signed Larry Dean ( previous salary 220k ),
Rico Murray, Adeleke, Wynn, J'Gared Davis, Laurent, Stephen , Posey, all-star Levis and Masoli and Re-uping of Evans salary and assumption of Tasker, Mike Jones and Lirum's high salaries being still here...I figured the salaries were way over the cap.
Later I found out the CFL teams all blew their money and everyone had a middle linebacker so Larry Dean signed with us for a bargain at 110k as did Posey and Levis for slightly more. I still think we will see a fee vets cut or traded this year for salary cap reasons . Could be Stephen, Van Zeyl, Breaux, Daly for example.
We have many db's in camp that can start like Q Ford, Rolle, F. Williams, Breaux, Rico Murray, Stephen, Daly, Levis, Adeleke, Brooks. That's 7 imports for 5 jobs including SAM.

About 90 % of the salaries I listed are 100 % correct . There were a few guesses based on previous salary combined with performance last year. The only ones that were guesses are Rolle, Laurent, Wynn, Howsare, Adeleke, Stephen. All the min salary 65k guys were no brainers.

Thanks for your explanation. I am not worried about this as having a 2020 season at all is the number one concern. Since the Ticats have a history of not exceeding the cap, I trust that they will be successful once again if 2020 happens.

gerbear 9, I just added up your figures. If they are accurate and I did not hit the wrong keys on my calculator they total $5,280,000. As the 2020 salary cap is $5,300,000 we are currently below the cap. :grinning: :mask:

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CFL Training camps teams salary caps dont go into effect until final cut downs. At that point teams need to get within the cap to start the season.
Teams can flat out release players as contracts are not guaranteed with no cap penalty.
Players can be placed on 6 game IR. Players on the 6 game don't count towards the cap.