Seems like OBIE is getting busy ? any idea who we will sign

I hope we sign D'amour for sure and bring back cody and of course retain Moreno ...bringing in at least ne proven reciever like miles or Dominiquez woudl be good as wel as a Db liek cox and dlineman like romero

seems OBIE IS grabbing alot of BC CASTOFFS ..seems most players that can't make the lions are still better then what we had last year

May better maybe not, but Obie knowsthese guys so at the very least it gives him a valuable yardstick to measure up those he doesn't know as well. It may be that these signings are for training camp purposes. We'll find out in June I suppose

The past 4 Signings have all Been to Improve are pass Coverage

Wounder what is next on Obie Plate