Seems like Jamie Boreham couldn't give a darn...

Accoeding to today's Hamilton Spectator:

"[i]"No, it's not a mental thing. I had one bad day. I had one bad day against Montreal."

Ticat fans don't exactly see it that way. Boreham couldn't care less.

"They can bring in as many people as they want and it's not going to bother me. Fans and whatever, no offence to you, but I never read your articles, I don't read the paper, I don't watch the news, I don't go on the (team) website[/i]"

Is this guy totally delusional? I want to know what math he studied in school, but going 5-for-10 does NOT equate to "one bad game". I can understand why he wouldn't want to read any papers or visit this website (we HAVE been hard on him), but to live in his own la-la-land is absurd.

As a declared die-hard Tiger-Cats fan, I demand accoutability from our players, not apathy.

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Look, I've been disappointed this season by Jamie's play so far BUT in this instance, 5 for 10 DOES equate one bad game. If he hadn't had that bad game in Montreal, he could possibly be 8 for 10, which is an 80% completion rate, which is quite good, no matter which way you look at it.

I'm glad the team has brought in some competition at kicker, but I'm by no means ready to call for Jamie's head just yet. Let's wait and see what happens.

Remove that game and he's 5 for 7, or 71%, which I understand to be his average last year.

Of course, the idea of not considering his entire performance is kind of silly but, if you do, he's right where he was last year.

Can I ask what people really expect him to say?? He's damned either way. If he says it's one bad game and he can rebound from it, then he's not taking it seriously enough and if he says he's having a bad year then he's lost confidence and knows he can't do it.

You could also say the same thing about the Stanley Cup winning goalie “Ward” of the C.H.,

He is very laid back .

I’m sure we could quote him and then cut him to shreds if we didn’t like him too.

By reading the article, it seems that he really does not give a hoot if he makes it or not. I guess he is a really cool player that does not let the situation affect his play in the game. He definitly is not a clutch kicker and some of his kicks were no where near the uprights.

Yes, he has hit on 5 field goals this year, but when it really counts and the game is on the line, I don’t think that he could hit the broad side of a barn if he was standing in front of it.

With football you have to go out there and prove yourself after each and every play. Yes, he has hit on 5 field goals, but he also missed on 5 others. If you fail, you get shown the door. In this case I think that Boreham should have been shown the door a long time ago.

How long will it take? Well I suspect that some of his teammates are starting to loose confidence in him. A player who plays down after down and takes his bumps and bruises, then to have a field goal kicker come on and kick inconsistantly and say that he is havng a bad game is OK. Well if that player that plays down after down is getting beat blocking wise or is not catching or can’t throw. Do you honestly think that he will attribute it to a bad game. Chris Martin had a bad game and got beaten twice. Is he still here? Nope.

I think it is time for a change.


For the past week or so I have been trying to give you some insights into Boreham's character, on and off the field!! The gap between university and pro ball is wide!! Some players can make the jump and some can't. Boreham is one player who can't make the jump. In the past few weeks, he has proven this to be true on the field and his recent quotes in the newspapers proves that he is unable to be a professional off the field. It's in his genes...G-E-N-E-S!!

borehamgirl...."THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!

Let's not take the quote out of context. He also said

"People are going to make of it what they want to make of it," Boreham said of his booting woes. "I come here and practice every day and every day I try and get better. Regardless of how I kicked against Montreal, I want to be better every single day. If I don't want to be better then I'll stop playing. Every day I want to prove that this is my job regardless if they have one, two, four, 12, 100 kickers out there. I have to prove it every day."

Does this sound like someone who doesn't care, or doesn't realize the situation he is in? There is a difference between acting nonchalant and being pragmatic.

Question his foot, but not his attitude.

There is a differnce between wanting to be better and being better. If I missed 20 yard field goals, I would sure want to be better, but that is not going to make me better.

I've been telling the truth for years now and it's gotten me nowhere, my friend.

Ty, you're using logic again. Don't do that here.

Jamie responded the only way a professional would. I'm not the biggest fan of his performance, but this lynch mob mentality is over the top and as Ronfromtigetown beyond

Yes there is. And maybe he really isn't good enough to play in this league.

But some posts in this thread are about questionning his attitude and his character. Would you rather have a kicker who looks at it the way Jamie seems to, and emphasizes the need to prove himself, or one who looks at it as a lost season because he's only 50%?


I would rather have a field goal kicker that can go out there and do what he is paid to do and that is to kick field goals. If he wants to play linebacker or defensive back which I wish he would try out for since he has proven himself as a hard-nosed tough-hitting player. If you look at him during kickoffs, you can probably find him somehwere within the vicinity of the ball ready to take on anyone that does not have the same colour jersey. Maybe he is playing the wrong position... Hmm...

I'll question whatever and whomever I want, especially after he made such a callous-sounding comment. It's a matter of perception. As his employer (as every ticket-buyer, sponsor, etc is), the percieved nonchalance he exhibits is maddening.

To put it in perspective, imagine he was working at Tim Horton's. On 5-out-of-10 orders, he giver out double-doubles instead of regulars. When he is asked if that bothers him, he says "I had a bas day. So what?". How long would he last?

I want the Tiger-Cats players to give a darn about their fans (ie: their employers). I want them to understand that we demand professionalism and excellence. I want them to know that if they cannot cut it on the field IN A GAME SITUATION, then either perform better, or get out of the way for someone who can.

Disagree with me if you wish, but some of his comments in that article are WAY out-of-line.

Well sigpig you certainly get to say whatever you want on here . If hes not cocky hes in the wrong job . He cant worry aboutt what sigpig says , he has to worry about what Marshall says . If he ;istened to what the people on here think wonder if he should even show up for the game thursday since you want him , the coaches all gone !!!!!

  1. Of course I can say whatever I want, within the guidelines of good taste and the rules of this website.

  2. Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name), Tony Champion, and D.J. Flick were and are cocky, but they PERFORM. Do you see a difference?

  3. Of course he has to listen to what Coach Marshall says. He should also be accounable to what the team's fans think.

  4. Did I ever say that I want the coaches all gone? No. Besides, by his own admission, he won't bother to read what I have written.

I think we're close enough at this point to the Montreal game to see if Jamie can produce there.
If he fails miserably again, and in view of some of his ridiculous comments to the press, I'd drop him like a bad habit!

The only problem here is that his replacement may stink the place out as well.

After some tutoring from Bernie Ruoff, Jamie came back strong last year. Hopefully, that will be the case again this year.

What I'd like to know is what the hell did he do during the off season? Kicking can be practiced year round. Why did he lose his edge?

The only two comments in the article that sounded cocky or callous were not quotes from Boreham, but rather editorializing from Peters.

This one:

In his mind, that adds up to one bad game so he doesn't see what the heck is all the fuss about.

And this one:

Ticat fans don't exactly see it that way. Boreham couldn't care less.

The actual quotes from Boreham were exactly what every professional athlete who has ever struggled has said when questioned about it: he tries to get better every day, he doesn't let competition from other kickers on the team bother him, he doesn't let fans or the media affect him, he doesn't let a bad game shake his confidence, he just focuses on what he can control and what he has to do to get better.

What professional athlete have you ever heard say: "I am motivated first and foremost, and my confidence is entirely determined by, what fans on web sites think of me. I'm completely paralyzed by my past failures. In fact, I stink and I'm just going to quit because I couldn't possibly get better."