Seeing the Grey Cup in person.

I've seen it twice, in 2003 someone from the esks brought it to my school, and today when i renewed my season tix at the esks ticket office they had it on display.

.......oops, I thought you meant the game, not the cup itself........seen the cup a couple of times on display.........went to the actual game once, 1990 in Vancouver, Winnipeg beat then Brother-in-Law was a Sports Editor for the newspaper in Kamloops and he was sent down to cover the game, I tagged along with him with an extra press pass and was treated to free food and an open bar in the press gallery........rode the elevator up with CBC's Brian Williams (not a very tall fellow) and sat next to Don McEachie of BCTV (not very talkative).......good time, even have the golf shirt still we received as part of the press package........sorry esks123, winnipeg blasted your team something like 50-10.......think that was the last time the BBs won the cup.........

I havent seen the Grey Cup in person, but I've seen the Stanley Cup when Halifax had the World Junoir Hockey Championships. I dont why it was there but it was.

I have heard the stories surrounding the Stanley Cup regarding the fact that the winning team players all get it for 24 hours, and it's ended up in some pretty unusual places.

Is there any tradition like that for the Grey Cup??

I dunno, but I know the Stanley Cup ended up in a flower shop once. Montreal lost it and someone that didn't know hockey found it and displayed it in their flower shop window with flowers in it. That was a while ago though, I think more than 50 years.

you forgot to add a “none” opsion on you list.