Seeing how someone brought it up.

When DA got called for a fumble yesterday it looked to me like some Argos were pointing at the Jumbotron as if to tell the refs "see see it not a fumble"
Although I do agree it was a fumble, and if they were showing it, why is it being allowed. Why does Toronto feel that even though there is no replay in the CFL they are above the rules and try to influence the refs.

If they show the replay this will be the second time and there should be repercussions.

If they didn't I take it all back.

........I think the TO players were pointing at Third and Ten, not the Jumbotron.....he had made a disparaging remark towards Allen and the argos wanted him removed from the side of the field.......


I was just bringing 'em some pop-corn. But apparently, they were not in a celebrating mood anymore. Wonder why they changed attiitude so quickly...


and that lost them the game cuz they got butter on their fingers!