Seeing as how it is "Retro Week" in the CFL...


Seeing as how it is "Retro Week" in the CFL, it make me wax sentimental about.....

The Lite Brite scoreboard

That old skool turf



Great photos, make me feel like a kid again. Does anyone know if the Ti-Cats have retro helmets they'll be wearing like the Eskimos and Lions?

The burnt out bulbs on the scoreboard always made me laugh.

Its hard to believe that at times, they tried to play video on it.


Thanks for the upgrade Bob.

Let's give the 60's (and 70's) players tomorrow a good response. They've given us a lot of great memories and traditions to live up to.

Amazing 1965 Grey Cup interviews with Tiger-Cat players John Barrow, Joe Zuger, Garney Henley, Angelo Mosca, Dick Cohee, Don Sutherin, Marty Martinello, Bill Danychuck and others after beating Winnipeg for the Grey Cup.
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