See you in Regina Wally!

loL, so excited!!


I'm going, who else is?

Definately going, however almost forgot to purchase the tickets in time. Called in a few minutes past 5:30 on the 30th when they cutoff was 5:30, lucked out. I think they should have made an announcement regarding the home playoff game and tickets at our final home game against the Eskimo's. Perhaps pushed the season ticket holder date up til monday even.

Bit of a unique year though, last year we knew for at least a few weeks that we had that playoff game locked up, this year we didn't even know until after the cutoff date to buy them.

ZBest is going to be there.

I'll be the one wearing green!!!!

Wait i'll be wearing green too. We better not be wearing the same thing jk.

It should be a great game from start to finish.B.C may think they will roll in to regina and walk all over the riders but there in for a fight from the opening whistle.

I just have a feeling with the way we are playing right now the Lions are in for a whoopin come Saturday. Dominguez will hopefully be in the lineup, Adarius Bowman should be back and hopefully solved his drop problems, Wes Cates will take a couple of pain killers and will carry the team on his back like last year's playoffs. John Chick on defense showed up big for us last year in the playoffs and I expect the same this year, Lloyd and McKenzie will light up Roberts and that other guy.

Now the question is, which Bishop will show up? The good Bishop or the bad Bishop?

imk obv. an esks fan...but awesome season riders ...nice you have home field against the crions from b.c.

will be fun when esks win the east & come to play sask in the awesome west / west grey cup game ......

go esks!!!!!!!

p.s. again awesome job riders they always found a way to win when they had too...

esks 2008 grey cup champs !!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

WHOOOOO!!!! It's playoffs baby. forget everything about the regular season the playoffs are never even close to the same. Hopefully the good Bishop shows up. Every single one of our players lit it up last year in the semi-final, final, and grey cup. Remember the semi-final? Very first play Joseph did a play action pass to D.J. Flick for a touchdown.

I hope I can luck out and get some tickets!

Initial reports say that 10-12k are available to the public. It is being advised that you buy online, because it's going to be faster than waiting in line (which has already started) or on hold on the phone. They expect to turn away people at the end of the in-person line. Management has advised everybody to hammer their website at 9am (Regina is now on Central time, not Mountain).

Check out what i got im my fortune cookie on saturday

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Fortune cookies are never wrong!!!


Due to Bowman's lack of experience, do you think it would be wise to have him playing? If Dominguez and Flick are not dressed, and Walker is still hurt, then Bowman will have to play. Otherwise, I'd go with the guys that have filled in during Bowman's absence.