See You All On Labour Day!

Oh, I can’t wait…3 more months, and I will be back in Taylor Field, Sitting in Section 9, once again watching the Bombers defeat the Riders, on the Riders home turf. Last year was amazing! So much fun!

The Bomber cheerleaders had our flags and banjo on the field. We all ran out after the game. Went to the social after…met lots of very nice saskatchewan women :wink: . All in all, it was a great day.

I can’t wait till Sept. 4, which happens to also be my b-day! It’s gonna be a great b-day present to watch another bomber victory!


Keep Dreamin buddy…

Just like last year?
And the Banjo Bowl?

BTW, what team did the Bombers beat 3 times last year, and lose to 0?

Answer: The Riders.

We had an awesome time with all the Rider fans in our section. It was all good fun. We even made it on TSN. This year, it will only be bigger and better. You will definately see us. Labour Day is awesome in Regina. Especially for the winning team.


I have a bad memory magoo.Could you tell me how the bombers did in the playoffs last year…Oh wait a sec,it’s all coming back to me now…

HA HA…you want to bring that up? fine…

I can sum up the Riders playoffs in one word: CLANK!!!

Thats the sound of the football bouncing off the upright. I’ve seen longer field goals made at the halftime show in Wpg.

Yah you have seen lots of kicks through halftime further, but too bad you havent seen too many bomber playoff games eh haha!

P.S. The bombers are a joke.

Back to Labour Day…

Any one on here going?
Section? Seats?

There are 14 of us going from Brandon. Section 9, Row 2 & 3.
We won’t be hard to see…look for the puddle of Blue in the sea of Green.
We are the loudest fans there.


[quote=“BomberMagoo”]Back to Labour Day…

Any one on here going?
Section? Seats?

There are 14 of us going from Brandon. Section 9, Row 2 & 3.
We wonYou are right, the Labour Day game in Regina is the greatest, and most of the Bomber fans there help to make it that way. I go to the game by bus from the Golden Mile. There are usually about a half dozen rambunctious Bomber fans on that bus on that day. Even if they are stoned they are very entertaining rather than obnoxious, and it’s all in fun. I can’t wait for that game either, but I think you know who I say will win.

GO RIDERS GO! :smiley:

riderguy, you cats are need of new material. the whole playoff thing, sure we didn’t make it, but we handed your team it’s butt on a silver platter, and then you got yours in the playoffs again!

If you guys ever find a kicker who can make a field goal inside of 20 yards, give me a call. Y’know whats even funnier than a kicker who can’t hit the mark twice in one game? Fans who try to throw horse dung on his lawn, and MISS by putting it on his neighbors yard. That’s irony.

And how is that electricity out there anyways? Pretty fancy huh?

Last year was a disappointment against Winnipeg, but after all that we still made the playoffs, so it was cool. However i’m sorry Bomber fans, but I think we will take it next saturday.

Of course you think you’ll take it next Saturady, but lets be honest here, you also think you’re going to win the Grey Cup every year, and so far you’re about 2 out of 100. I don’t care if the bombers make the playoffs and the riders do, I know that anytime Paul McCallum steps onto the field, my prayers of continued mediocrity in Saskatchewan, will come true. Again and again.

Rider Pride? Kiss My Hide. You know there are are two truths about Saskatchewan that will never die, 1: Saskatchewan, hard to spell, easy to draw, 2: Regina: Smells like it sounds.

boxcullen I know we need new material,however we heard the same thing from bomber fans for years,so it’s a little fun to give it back once in awhile…

get to like it because your drought is just starting…

the only reason you guys won 3 games against the riders is because we had the wrong QB. This year its gonna be a totally different story.

HAHA, even if ours has started, as you proclaim, your’s continues on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

Winnipeg will win a Grey Cup again before the Riders do. I promise.

Things are looking great in Winnipeg. 3 great young QB’s, a drastically improved defence and o-line, and great players like Stokes, Roberts, Stegall, etc. This ‘drought’ won’t last long in Winnipeg.

i gotta give it to ya bomber fans, you do really good for your team how so many come down for labour day!! i’ll see you magoo either with a sad or happy face on labour day who knows? but we’ll just ahve to wait, i’ll be in section 25 none the less :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you bring your own women? lol

They do bring one…troy westwood.

magoo… you are right about one thing,the bombers have three pretty good"BACK-UP QB’s"Glenn,Martin and Wynn{sp?}now all they have to do is find a starter…

I agree Westwood is a woman. I hope he sticks to making crap CD’s.

On our QB situation, I think we’re covered, after watching those three play on Thursday, I think Glenn is going to be fighting for his job. Wynn is unproven and I do think he’ll be relegated to the third string, but Martin is tough to call. He’s never played CFL, and he moves like Ron Mexico… er, I mean Michael Vick.

Trying to make it out for your home opener, it’s always fun there, hope to see some of you cats there.