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Whatever is done, do not rely on Toronto to lead the effort and carve them out as a special case as that market indeed is. Only Toronto can fix Toronto and financially they are shored up at the very least.

I don't see why so many other good ideas and initiatives in the other communities should get hung up on Toronto's situation and specifics, including in improvement in how to reach out to the new generations of fans.

You don't need Toronto's permission, approval, and right now even understanding in 7 other cities.

There are many more things to do to make the games the events that they must be to draw the younger crowds.

You are making my point for me. They want glitz. They want show. They are watching (and paying for) the NFL.

The CFL is not adapting to the wants of a changing market, and if they don't change their business model to more closely resemble the wants of that market, the league will fade into irrelevance and die.

You said it yourself. "Get a better business model". As business models go, "better" always means "more profitable". If you want to be more profitable, you have to provide something the market is willing to pay for. Hence, the CFL (if they want to be profitable) needs to provide what people want, and (again, as you stated yourself) that product more closely resembles the NFL.

Like it or not, millenials and their particular tastes are now the center of the bell curve. Just like the boomers were a generation ago. They will get what they want, and those businesses who do not provide what they want will go away.

Don't let the people of Toronto hear you! They are and must forever be the center of all Canadian thought and culture. No matter that they are a complete island unto themselves, bearing as much resemblance to actual Canada as London does to northern Scotland. No. Toronto must set the tone and bring the rest of us heathens kicking and screaming into the larger, less backwater, world.

Bang on again there - this was true back in 2010 mind you. How many businesses listened?

Most businesses certainly did not listen and especially the Baby Boomers certainly thought that such changes were optional back then and as late at 2015 for that matter. I saw all this big time when living in Tampa Bay and working in the real estate industry at the time. That area is like 3 years behind the rest of the US as is much of the American South and Midwest.

Look what happened to cable TV for example, but that was a flawed and staid model since at least 1995 anyway.

So you would be okay with the CFL being a developmental league for the NFL, changing the rules to American just to cater to the millennials who wouldn't support it anyways as they follow the NFL.

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It isn't a matter of what I'm ok with. It may be a question of having a CFL or not having a CFL.
The marketplace is obviously not supporting the current business model, and the models that are being supported include the NFL and NBA. Sports has evolved into Sports Entertainment.

This has nothing to do with my personal preferences, its just an observation of the current situation

I agree with you. But it's up to the league to decide which direction they want to go in. If this pandemic doesn't wake them up then not sure what will it take.

And we wait with bated breath to see what the powers that be come up with. They better do it soon.

I wager (figuratively) that there will be an 8 game season with the Grey Cup in early December.

The CFL owners need to take Elvis' advice on this one now:

Beating a dead horse here - we've been over how financially that is not going to work let alone for sake of ensuring salvation of the league given the extremely low profile let alone other challenges.

Now if many owners suddenly go out of their pockets and fund the embedded losses for a half season, as in throwing out the kitchen sink, I can see your argument but these are rational businessmen before getting involved in owning a professional football team. I don't see them electing such a kitchen sink option.

Again, and this is my opinion but not only mine or close to it, the more delays beyond early May for resolution, and beyond early August I figure (perhaps solely my opinion here) for the actual start of play, the less likely there will be a season at all as we've discussed many times over in the other threads.

For rational businessmen, they seemed to screw this league for years to come with a model that's been around since the 1950s.

You are correct - I don't know about owning a sports team because I am nowhere near such a notion in life, but as some have noted above and as we see worldwide, those invited into that elite and small club as private ownership use a great portion of their stake for sake of also their personal playground along with the enormous tax benefits and any given number of government subsidies depending on where located. When you are rich well ...

Of course all that reality leads into the discussions about labour negotiations every year and the closed books of the owners and all those recurring discussions as well.

Rational for them often means what is first and foremost in their interest, which of course it is their capital at stake anyway right?

This is one reason I don't see any notion of a season that requires the owners to reach even more than pro-rated and budgeted by them further into their pockets except perhaps for some one-time additional amount upon launch, due to this pandemic, beyond the amount already budgeted for the start of any given season.

A half-season has virtually the same overhead for launch, and a half-season in a pandemic I figure that has that much more cost like for any of us right now with various additional and ancillary costs of the pandemic, and a half-season has likely greater overhead per game before an owner even pays the labour costs.

So figuring on all that likely basic business reality for the guys with the most skin in the game, well place your bets on any given prospect of a half-season or thereabouts. I am betting against any such prospect for free here.


I wouldn't put money on having season as well. Even I know the likely hood of a season totally depends on restrictions being eased up and/or vaccinations ramping up.


The government has said they are speeding up vaccinations. They announced 640,000 vaccines delivered a week, sounds good but if you do the math at that rate there will be 15 MILLION vaccinated by the end of September.
Hope they can speed that up because if they want to open up after 80% of the country is vaccinated then we won't make it this year. They would need 30 MILLION vaccinated and that would be the end of Feb 2022
Unless the owners can find some funding to play with no fans in the stands

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I have to echo the success breeds fans (usually; Toronto in later years has been bucking that trend)

How many Save the Riders campaigns have we witnessed? Saskatchewan is a powerhouse today but have been on the brink of folding multiple times (esp in 90s and as recently as 1997 when they begged via telethon for donations)

BC and Calgary's woes are well documented (I mean heck they both sold Flutie even)

Winnipeg has up and down years

All 4 of the East teams have been on the brink of extinction (2 of them actually have folded in recent years)

Really Edmonton has to be the only long term stable franchise in the league (the last time they folded was 1924 lol but they came back)

With only 9 teams they all can’t win every year. Winning helps to be sure but the league needs to develop enough of a fan base to carry through a few losing years.