See ya Duron Carter

Retirement ?


He was a ghost this season. Everyone thought he was going to rewrite the record book with Reilly throwing the ball to him.

He was a Huge bust in BC

Kinda a interesting situation.
He was so excited about playing with Mike Reilly!
But after that disastrous start for the Lions.
The terrible protection. Reilly just couldn’t get the ball to Carter.
I think its who he is and just lost interest.
However, Odd for Duron. Once the Oline coach change took place.
Reilly had the time to hit all his receivers including Carter.
As well he did play in all 18 games.
As well as 67 rec for over 600 yards.
He averaged over 9 yards per catch.
But he is built as as big long big time receiving guy through his career & did have quite a few seasons in his career like that. A thousand yard receiver as recent as 2017 with the Riders.
So ya really but this all on Duron this year.
Ashame he didnt get that chance in BC this year.
With the right OC in place next year he & Reilly could connect as they were expected this year.
But it is just too little too late.

So he was a big salary dump. With other receivers less cost having better or similar seasons.

Reilly’s hefty salary. The Lions absolutely need to make other Big Salaries dumps with players. That just did much this season to open up space in to cap.
OG Chungs 200K salary may be the next salary dump cut.

The Lions just chose the wrong players outa FA’s to pay the Big salaries to.
I still think Carter and Chung still have life in them & will get interest from other teams with both being under 30 as well.
That wont be getting as hefty a base salary.
But a team that has that QB with the ability to go long would be interested in Carter.
And Chung id be shocked if wasnt a salary dump. But if he does. He would get interest from teams that have a stud RT.
The Lions just grabbed a bunch of FA’s.
Some just werent a fit.

Who knows with Duron Carter. BC just didnt click this year for lots of reasons. But certainly i agree with the Lions. Carter is a nomad. So he was the definition of a salary dump

Ya know he just mite. Lol.
Hard to figure out the XFL.
Original Draft.
Than last week a supplemental draft pucking over 60 plus players.
Another supplemental Draft is set for early January as well rite before TC begins.
He has been all over North Arerica but seems to enjoy Warm climates.
A QB That can pass
(That includes an oline that can protect)
He is a Florida guy. So have him and Trestman kisded and made up.
Run & Shoot in Houston with June Jones would be interesting.
& St Loius indoors. With the right QB could be part of the minor foitball league greatest show on turf.

Oh and with the crazy 3 point conversion passing rule. With his size he can go up and get it with smaller DBs.
Every Big good cover DB plays in the NFL.
The Cfl has alot of great smaller DBs.
So i cant imagine how bad the cover DBs will be in the XFL. LOL