See... this drives me nuts!

I just watched two successive drives in the fourth quarter of the EDM @ BC game. On the first drive the key play is when the Edmonton receiver Williams catches a long rainbow pass from Reilly where he got separation to make the catch by pushing off the DB. It wasn't a huge push, but it was enough to put the DB out of position to make the play and also allowed Williams to redirect his body towards the sideline to make the catch. The drive ultimately culminated in an Edmonton TD.

Then on the subsequent BC drive, the key play was where Jennings threw a long pass for Nick Moore that went incomplete. In this play the DB was running stride for stride with Moore with inside position. Moore tried to direct slightly towards the middle of the field to reach the ball and the DB used his body to try to maintain his inside position. The result was a very slight crossing of arms. The result was a PI call which sustained the drive and led to a huge gain. The drive culminated in a FG when BC failed to punch it in in the red zone.

My issue is there is such a ridiculous double standard between what receivers can do and what DBs can do. Receivers can do anything they want but DBs can't even breathe on the opposing receivers. I know this is nothing new, but I've hated it in the past and I hate it now. IMO neither play should have been a penalty, but if one of the plays is going to be flagged then the other has to be too.

I think it was fine.

Well illustrated examples.

When it comes to PI, the critical elements are.....

  1. Both the receiver AND DB have an equal right to the ball.
  2. Contact between the two is not necessarily a foul.
  3. If, and when, contact initiated by one of the players is deemed to have gained an advantage on a catchable ball, you've got PI.
  4. It is a judgement call by the official who is usually within 10 yards of the actual play, with a much better view than you have at home.

He also has a much better view than the video review official which is one of the reasons I think PI should not be reviewable.

yeah I agree.. PI reviews are a negative drag on the game. I hate them regardless of which side.

I kind of side with old John Madden when he said " we used to know whata fumble was...what a catch was". He would be apoplectic with this PI stuff.