See the helmet-sized hole in the wall in the Als post-game?

Als postgame reaction
Look at the top left corner of the screen at the beginning of the interview.
You can guess who smashed that helmet into the wall. AC was really ticked off :lol: son recognized that right away after the game, "look there Dad, about the size of a helmet'

funny alright. :lol: :lol:

Calvillo is one of the few QB's who takes the entire blame on himself when his team loses.
Never ever heard the man utter a bad word about anybody else on the team.
Class, pure class.

I'd like to see other nameless QB's (you know who you are) with similar sentiments after a loss.

There has been a lot of that in the Montreal organization over the years. Don Matthews almost never called players out publically, if they played badly in a game he blamed the coaching (ie: himself).

Oh please…
ask Barrin Miles, Mike Pringle, Duval,Cobourne…
Saint Popp continually blamed all but himself when he was coach.
Trestman says Calvillo can change plays. Calvillo says he doesn’t call the plays.

Its easy to be perceived as classy when a team is successful. Wait til they lose 3 straight. paper thin facade. Cant wait to hear Jamal Richardson whine if they neglect him for another game. He needs his stats/
Watch the knives come out as this team slides as they are doing now.

Got a link for that quote? Everyone knows Calvillo calls his own plays and is the only QB in the league that does. I would be surprised to hear him say otherwise.

As for yesterday, 3 INT’s and no 4th quarter points are a good part of the reason for the loss. QB’s gotta shoulder a big part of the responsibility for that.

As far as I know Durant has been calling most of his plays since Berry was fired. At the start he was really doing a good job, don’t know what happened after the Bombers games though.

AC hasn’t called his own plays since Coach Trestman arrived. That ended that day. The idea behind it is that a QB has enough to think about without calling plays. Play calling in Montreal is done by Trestman and when he needs a running play he turns the call over to Milanovich.

As far as Flag’s comments well. Take them with a grain of salt and a pint of bitter :slight_smile:

OK. That's relatively new. Calvillo was the only one for several years that called his own for most of the game.

I misunderstood. I new Tressman was more involved in the play calling (to the point of having the first three plays called before they leave the dressing room) but I thought Calvillo still had most of the control on the field.

didn’t neglect him, they threw to almost exclusively either he or Green the entire first half but neither of them caught much

Those two things are not contradictory so what’s your point?

.......Tressman.. :lol: someone posted...Have you looked under his hat :lol: ...Calvillo is an emotional player...The guy is the heart of that team...He felt he let his team down...Could be BUT no shame in losing to one helluva defence...Somebody said he was teary eyed...I'd say that shows how much emotional investment he has in his team...Some other clubs should be so lucky :wink:

There's a couple of assumptions in this:

  • it was AC who made the hole.
  • the Bombers would fix the plaster in the opposing team's dressing room after each game.

Neither seems likely to me.

Having said that, its definitely helmet size :smiley:

I read an article that said when AC came into the dressing room that he threw a water bottle but it doesn't say where he threw it or if it caused any damage.

“Got a link for that quote? Everyone knows Calvillo calls his own plays and is the only QB in the league that does. I would be surprised to hear him say otherwise.”

You would be absolutely correct if this was 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006!