See I told you, no win with Durant....

hate to say I told ya so, but I did.

Yeah, because the broken coverage on Mann's touchdown was his fault completely.

No but he threw into triple coverage on the final play, bad choice

Yes yes...every error the Riders committed was Durant's fault, and every success the Riders had was due to someone else entirely...

.... and the ball hit two of his receivers -- both of which could have made the catch.

what replay were you watching, triple coverage by Esks, overthrows Getzlaff (suicide pass no less), and misses Dressler behind him. Who was he throwing to?

Bigger issue is all those 2 and outs in the third quarter again. but I will say this in Durants defense, play calling by Lapolice and Miller was brutal as always.

Durant is progressing , thats all we can ask
Funny how people (mostly you terminator) complain about Durant, even you trolling in Edmonton’s site about him.
Lets have a history check loser.

Calvillo- crying in Hamilton, oh boy what a quarterback but now he is considered top 3
-took him at least 5 years to be good
Burris- We had him before he went to NFL (mister throw interception in end zone)
-again many years to develop
Ray has a great game but he is even half and half

Our defense lost the game today
Durant continues to learn and get better
This is called developing a quarterback
u ever hear of that theory

Doesn't it seem like Sask is always "developing" something?

developing everyone to get heart attacks
they can never win the big games in regular season
I maybe wrong but was Austin last guy we developed
We had Glenn,Burris and Greene years ago and we all know how that turned out

Terminator. Please. Do us all a favour, and send in your resume and letter of application to the Roughriders. I'm sure they will be so overwhelmed by your brilliance that they will hire you instantly to play QB, co-ordinate the offense, and take over as head coach.

If they don't, then please...piss off.

yes Terminator..

please go become the new OC or HC for the team..

you're beginning to become very disturbing and repetitive.

I thought Durant played one of his better games of the season, you can't blame him one bit for the loss, blame the conservative play calling up by 3 and the stupidity to get a no yards in the endzone and cost us a point.

In truth, LaPo called a good game. The only beef I have is the series in the 4th after Edmonton's punt from the goal line - we scrimmaged at the 42, and were super-conservative, running twice and losing yards, and then punting. I'm not saying throw the ball, but a little misdirection, getting DD in space would have been nice.

Otherwise, other than the very first series of the game - we were crisp in the first half, and were even at best with Edmonton in the second.

And that last throw - 2 more feet and it lands in Dressler's hands.

How's that letter of application going? Do you need any references? I'm sure you can find people here who will help you with that.

hahahahahaha ya im sure he won't have any trouble getting signatures!!