See Dick run.

Are we satisfied with these running backs?

Shermer Bracey

Fred Russel

Henri Childs

And . . . is Keith coming back?

And . . . should we consider negotiating with Troy Davis?

My guess to the last two questions is . . .NO.
But what do you think?

Great answer Thryllin! Keith will stay on the Colt's practice roster for years before he comes back to Saskatchewan. I think Keith's days with the Riders are over. And I always thought Troy Davis was over rated.

Troy wants $120K+ I heard. A bit much, if you ask me lol.

Yeah but who cares what he wants, we can just stonewall him a number, and say take it, or leave it.

Keith is talented, no doubt about it. But he comes with way too much baggage.

I think his off field behaviour makes it easy for people to dislike him encluding some of his own team mates and the team does not need players like that.

When Michael O'Shae gave him that cheap hit out of bonds last year that put him out of the game, I found it hard to feel sorry for him. The 'riders don't need the CFL's version of "Claude Lemieux."

I think he is gonna end up staying in Indy.. They have nobody next to joseph Addai

is rhodes outa indy now?

As for our RB situation, i dont mind it one bit. I like bracey, and i think childs will turn out a good fit although i havnt seen him or russell at all. so i can only say that that is a hunch

Rhodes went to the Raiders months ago. as for kenton with the colts...if you check out forum he is not the most welcomed by the fans. he has a few threads of his own and he is a nobody down there. there are rider fans on the forum who have spilled all of his previous cr#p that he pulled in regina. he seems like practice roster material if anything. but i'd trade him and let another cfl team deal with him cause he will be in and out of nfl camps and is no good to the riders anymore. we should keep a few younger backs instead.

I disagree. When he first went to Indy, I thought hed be cut very quickly. But as time has gone on and with no other obvious 3rd string rb, it looks like KK is in Indy to stay.

Davis is overrated and too expensive. Keith will NOT be back, even if cut will get looks from other NFL teams. Very happy with current running backs. Bracey averaged over 6 yards a carry last year.

personally i wish we had traded keith away instead of holmes, cause holmes in my view was better

You dont think they tried that? Hamilton wanted Corey for his return abilities more than anything, imo. Thats something KK cant really contribute to as well