See, CPOTW is a.....

...'feel good' award... before I rant I will say that the selection of Bauman is a good one, because I'll defend the idea that the Top Canadian award has to include a feel good aspect to it, the very concept of this award is a feel good award... week one I was ripped for saying Cote was a good choice, for his TD on his very first pro touch as well as the touchy-feely stuff that went along with it...ripped also that he was a stamp and my red coloured glasses were obscuring this week Brett Ralph was the runner up, his 4 catches for 94 yards, longest 29 yards surpassed Bauman's performance....yet the award goes to the feel good story... it or not, the 'feel good' aspect of this award is alive and well and apparently a valid influence on the selection process...

I dont disagree with you on that point, but you have to admit, the numbers for both players were a lot closer, so it basically was a pick 'em for the award.

The numbers of Bauman and Ralph were almost identical. Bauman had 2 more catches than Ralph, while Ralph had 13 more yards. It could have gone either way really.

...I agree, remember here I'm not whining about Ralph not getting the nod, I like the choice of Bauman...what I am trying to show is that 'feel good' is not only a super cool Gorillaz tune but also a determining factor in the CPOTW selection....

I kinda felt bad for Kyle Mitchell, cuz dude had a crazy game.

No kidding jman, I thought for sure Mitchell would get the nod as defensive player or lineman of the week. He was a monster in his first "real" CFL game where it counted and was a huge difference maker in giving the Riders the win. I guess I am a little biased but I think he deserved to get a player of the week award for his effort against the Eskimos.

The reason Mitchell didn't get an award was because he made 2 huge plays, one on special teams, and the other a defensive play.

And the Montreal return for the TD sealed the win for them.

He also had a pass knockdown and he was pressuring the qb quite a few times as well..

There is no longer a linemen of the week award. I am sure this has been talked about, but I wasn't here to talk about it, so I am saying my piece now. Ithink its dumb that they got rid of the linemen award. If they wanted to create a top Canadian award, fine (even though I am not crazy about it), but not at the expense of the linemen.

Also redandwhite, good musical choice.

Canadian of the week is goofy.

In terms of all round Canadian, if you are going just by yards then Lumsden likely should have gotten it. Baumen put in a very good effort for starting. I don't take nothing away with this definitely was a Cote moment.

I wonder what is going to happen when we have that inevitable week where the top Canadian has 3 special teams tackles?