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it was pretty nice, but then he fumbled on the next play...

So what? It's still a phenomenal catch.

yup.. I wouldn't brag too much.. when you fumble the next ball thrown to you!

WHO is bragging, for God’s sake? It was a great catch, regardless of what happened on the next play. Honestly, keep your negativity to yourself, and let us Als fans enjoy the moment.

Agreed. No matter what happened on the next play...was still a great catch. As far as Cahoon bragging...he's one of the most humble guys in the league.

Great catch. I don't understand how anyone can think him fumbling the next ball thrown to him takes anything away from it.

Absolutely awesome catch no question. :thup:

People want to say about the next play because they probably don't like him very much. My guess.

The only guy who talked about the probably having nightmares since Saturday's game :wink:

Outstanding catch that. :thup:

i didn't mean to take anything away from the catch, the catch was incredible don't get me wrong. I love Ben Cahoon, to perform like he does at a consistent level for every game, every season, is phenomenal. He's been one of the top recievers in the league if not the best, for years and years, he's fun to watch. He is a great role model as well, never gets into any trouble, no stupid celebrations, just goes about his own business.

What i meant to say in my earlier post was, you can make all the highlight reel catches you want, but if you just fumble on the next play, it can hurt your team, and the momentum goes right back to the opponent.

But i guess i forgot it was Ben Cahoon i was talking about, he doesn't make too many mistakes, and stuff like that is bound to happen sometime, especially when your playing with the greased up footballs in Regina, which i guess adds to the impressiveness of the catch. :thup:

Even if he did fumble on the next play, it doesn't matter. We're talking about his catch. We're not talking about his overall game. So everything else is irrelevant.

Wasn't it in the last Super Bowl that someone made a similar catch, off the helmet of a defender, and people talked about it for months.

Man, if Cahoon did that in the Grey Cup, it would have become one of those historic plays that get talked about from generation to generation. rpaege would have had to redo his signature to include it. As it, what a catch!

Yep, it was David Tyree of the New York Giants who made the miracle catch with his head. Cahoon took it one step further and used someone else's head. :rockin: :wink:

First Eli Manning had to avoid about two or three sacks, which is what made the whole play even better. I'd say the Giants were destined to win that game.

I agree with the topic of this post....GREAT CATCH....who cares about the next catch......

amazing catch we're not worthy, we're not worthy.