See Ben cahoon's super catch

[url=] ... +4568.html[/url]

That was nice! 8)

The day Cahoon hangs up his cleats will be a sad day for Alouette fans everywhere.

I am out of town right now. I will post a video of the catch when I get home in a few days

No need to, I already posted the RDS feed:

Thats the link CFLMan gives in his article.

This man's career highlight video will be incredible!

I've said it before..... On Third and long, when you need someone with good hands, I want Cahoon for that 10 yard MUST CATCH play.

AWESOME BEN! AWESOME! :thup: :thup:

Oh, I didnt see the link in the article

Cahoon, is overall my favourite football player. Sure he plays for the stinking All's. But he is one of the most classy players out there, he never really gets in peoples face, just insults them by catching balls on and behind there head, I hope he plays until his skills start to slack, I LOVE watching this guy play! If not Hamilton id like to see him win the cup :slight_smile:

CFLMan shoudl respect the original posters of the information.

Cat_n_pac, I couldn't agree more. Cahoon is one of my favourite opposition players to watch.


Since my Lions are re-building this year....... I hope the Al's win a Grey Cup this year for both Cahoon and Calvillo..........

And I should respect the CFL copyright..blablabla...:wink:

At 1st I was ticked off....but after 18000+ views...I'm just happy it still up there :wink: