At last night's game, security was practically useless. In a normally quiet section of the stadium, there was a group of well-lubricated youngsters continually being sold beer in the stands even though at least one of them was practically falling down drunk. The constant barrage of inappropiate language, squeals, horn blowing (really, why would anyone older than 12 be blowing a horn other than to annoy people) was ignored by the very polite "Event Staff" in the nice red jackets. When I queried their inaction, I was told that the protocol was for them not to approach the miscreants, but to inform the actual security staff, who would then contact police, who did not even walk by once the entire game.

I know it's pre-season for security staff, but this situation truly needs to be rectified. This section, populated mostly by season ticket holders (including the elderly and the very young) should not have to put up with this kind of abuse from other patrons, coupled with the inaction of security staff and the inappropriate distribution of alcohol. I'm glad my own children weren't with me at this game. I'll still come to Ivor Wynne because I love the game, but I'll not expose my small children to this sordid atmosphere. If other adults feel the way that I do, the Tiger-Cat organization will have a tough time selling their product to the next generation.

what section was with at tommyjoe?

...the normally placid Section 26.

As a young 21 year old who believes in making as much noise as possible. I am completely behind you TommyJoe.

While its ok and it should be encouraged to support our team as boisterously and creatively as possible, NOTHING should get in the way of the enjoyment of the game for everyone. This is especially true for the very old, very young and people trying to do their jobs in the stadium.

I used to get a little out of hand before but as someone who truly loves the game, getting into disputes and fights is not worth it.

Case in point: a group of fans in the endzone who were trying to bring a little BMO Field, TFC spirit to Ivor Wynne: Good on them for bringing creative song and cheer to the stands, but once the inebreation got too far, they were throwing bottles on the field just to cause shit. Thats too far.

Loud, energetic, creative support? I'm all for it. Offending your fellow fans and making the stadium a less inviting, less enjoyable atmosphere? Thats garbage.

I for one think that everyone is capable of being loud while keeping the peace.

My mother & I sit in the wheelchair section behind the Ticat bench & we have had the same problem since Bob Young took over. We always have people blocking our view & the event staff refuses to ask them to move. I have told the organization about this but nothing is ever done. Last night we had five event staff in our section but they were too busy watching the game to do their job. This will not be tolerated anymore, the disabled are people too.

Personally I think they should lose Ev staff all together, the heroes in the endzone are too worried about their sunglasses and tan to do any good.

I had the same experience. The people a couple of rows behind me were not there to watch the game at all but to swill beer and make asses of themselves. I was particularly offended by their smoking and when they started screaming racial slurs.

I thought about trying the non-alcoholic section this year but from past experience I have found that its just filled with unruly children. You can't win.

This will not be tolerated anymore, the disabled are people too.
Well I beleve it is happening to others not just in the disabled section so your line above seems unnecessary.

If you feel you are not getting the results you would like from the security staff, please visit the customer service booths in both concourses, and ask for me.

Thanks, but it's not the staff members that are the issue... (other than the beer vendors selling beers to drunks without confirming age of majority... just to get rid of their supply) It's the security protocols whereby the "Event Staff" are powerless.

Didn't there used to be "red shirts"? The BIG "gentleman" who wore crew shirts and looked like they were related to gorillas somehow. What happened to them? Having been one of these guys once apon a time, I know they can be effective when dealing with the idjits.


An event as big as a CFL game will normally have glitches or break-downs of some sort each time....

Perhaps if the Ticats hired a person whose only responsibility is to constantly patrol the entire stadium including stands, security, concourse, concessions, ticket areas, washrooms etc, etc and make notes of things that need to be addressed or improved all areas of the game day presentation.

Sort of a - Quality Control - person if you will, who has no other responsibilities other than taking notes and presenting the problem areas at the next head office meeting.

There are a gazillion categories which need to be covered on game day and people are so busy in their specific duties that they don't have time to see other areas that need attention...

Thank You

Fee for my Advice : One Cold Beer :wink:

I agree with all of you I through my own choice choose to sit in the endzone because i like to see the whole field straight on, and I always have my 12 yr old daughter with me and sometimes other children and i know that people do drink around us but i am there to watch the game not the jerks. Last night was absolutely ridicules to let someone get that drunk and still serve them beer i was one of the people yelling to throw them out after they threw the beer on the field not 1 but 2 times and the event staff who went to talk to him had a smile on his face like this was something that was okay to do.

I believe that someone starts slurring his or her words than they should be cut off because that is not the behavior that I would expect out of a ticat fan and something needs to be done where alcolhol should not be sold after a certain point a bartender is expected to take keys off of someone who has had too much or cut him off so why can't the people selling the beer notice this too or is there a special prize for the person who sells the most beer, what ever it be it is just too much.

Other than that I did enjoy the game and will still continue to go to as many of the home games i am able to get to.

Go Cats Go

I'm trying to remember from the last game I went to last season, but, I don't remember any actual securty staff. Lots of customer service people, but, no one who looked like security. Are they around? If they aren't maybe that is the issue. Just a thought.


Loud, energetic, creative support? I'm all for it. Offending your fellow fans and making the stadium a less inviting, less enjoyable atmosphere? Thats garbage.

I for one think that everyone is capable of being loud while keeping the peace.

Well said.