Security @ the Gate

Why would security confiscate mini footballs and black horns from the kids?

I'm certain the footballs are for autographs and the horns are harmless.

Can someone please explain?

Maybe they were trained by the Gestapo?

New Security company this year I believe. They questioned my camera as well. They need to be given a bit more direction by the sounds of it...

If its a new company Im sure it will take a game or two to get use to all the potential situations.

They are new..
But some of the Guards are not ..
They Changed Companies

One more attempt to take the fun away from the fans?

Sounds like it...stadium security everywhere needs to take a big ol' chill-pill. Stick to identifying and removing trouble-makers and work on arriving at trouble in a timely fashion.

A kid with a football is none of those. He/she can be ignored. Really, it's quite simple.

Here here! People pay money to have fun and should be able to bring reasonable things with them. ie. footballs, horns and your own food if you choose. what if someone has a special diet and cannot eat what the Ivor Wynne offers? Should they go hungry for 3+ hours?

Sad but true..

I hate those horns so, good

I just found it funny that they made me unzip my hoody when there was no way I could have been hiding anything in there. My boyfriend had a pull-over jacket on that doesn't zip all the way and they asked him to open that. We had a bit of a chuckle over that.

They're just trying to do their job.

Zen, I'm sure if someone has a special diet, the front office would give them some kind of permission to bring in their own food.

My husband was walking past the parking lot and overheard the security guard at the entrance ask Bob Young for his parking pass.

The security at IWS is getting worse instead of better, please lighten up on the "near strip searches".

I was told twice that I was not permiitted to bring in my bottle of juice, that was EMPTY and just waiting for refuse container to put it in, I DO NOT LITTER!!!

Hey Bob!! If I can bring in my own drink or bag of chips, think how much cash I will now have to buy the TICAT SWAG!!!!!

Making people lift up jackets, invade the privacy of a ladies purse, what is next.... it is not like we are trying to bring in a bomb or anything... sheeshh..

Another problem IMO is the fact that the last few years and last night they only have one gate open at the end of the game (at least at the Balsam Ave exit).

There was less than 15,000 last night so it wasn't too bad but during the season with over 25,000, they have still had only a single gate open for exiting the stadium.

It's not like people would be trying to sneak INTO the stadium at this time so I don't understand their reasoning.

Plus, it seems unsafe, especially if there were suddenly an emergency (IIRC, the gates swing inward so it would be dangerous if not impossible to open them in case of a real emergency).


My husband was walking past the parking lot and overheard the security guard at the entrance ask Bob Young for his parking pass.

Wow I can`t believe that. Maybe security should realize who the owner of the football team is!!

If you have any specific security issues that need to be addressed, please contact your account executive.

We have a new security company in place for the 2008 season and the problems that occurred last night have been addressed.


I have a major complaint about the security, and was about to start my own thread when I noticed this one. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one.

As we were entering, a man asked if he could look in my sister's purse. As a purse is a very personal object, she simply said no and continued. The same thing happened once last year and that was the end of it. But this time a female security guard literally ran after her. "Ma'am, I need to check your bag."

I chimed in, "That's her purse!" To which she responded, "I just need to make sure you're not carrying any weapons." This is a LUDICROUS statement, because if they were actually concerned about weapons, they would have metal detectors at the gate, and would frisk everyone who walks through the turnstiles. She wasn't concerned about whether I had a weapon in my pocket, only whether my sister had one in her purse?!? Come on!

Since she claimed that she was only looking for weapons, my sister (begrudgingly) opened her purse and showed her the inside. My sister, like many diabetics, carries a chocolate bar in her purse at all times. Insulin shock can come on suddenly and is potentially fatal. "You're not allowed to bring in outside food," she barked.

My sister simply zipped her purse and continued towards our seat. I continued to argue. "You said you were looking for weapons."

"OR outside food."

"No, you said you were looking for WEAPONS, and she showed you she doesn't have any." Then I followed my sister.

Robo-Rent-a-cop continued to pursue us, but was stopped by one of her colleagues. I don't know what he said to her but they both went back to the gate and that was that.

This is my twenty-eighth season as a fan of the Tiger-cats, and the sixteenth (fourteenth consecutive) that I have been a season ticket holder. I even $ucked it up and paid the price increase this year, in spite of the fact that these past few years we've been provided with a lousy product. Now, because of the embarrassment, my sister is reluctant to return, which may affect my ability to renew in 2009. It would be a shame for the team to lose a long-time fan because of something like this.

Women's purses, like my pants pockets, are private and should not be searched. I think the team needs to make this clear to the security company, and apologize to all those whose rights were violated.

Mr. Gallagher's post was made while I was composing my post (I guess I should be a little less long-winded. :oops: ) Sorry if my post, after his, sounds unnecessarily hostile.

I would just like to know if the purse-searching was one of the issues that was addressed.


After speaking with our Director of Security, he has assured me that our new security personnel will be made aware of proper conduct regarding many of the situations that have been brought to our attention from fans.

Please be advised that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats staff will help out in any way possible, but we do not hire the security company that is present at our games. The stadium is in charge hiring an outside security company for each season.

Please note that women's purses are subject to search because of the possibility of concealment of outside food, drink, weapons, illegal drugs, and/or alcohol. This policy is consistent with sporting venues across North America.

If someone has a need for outside food or drink because of medical reasons they should contact our office.

Again, I encourage anyone who has a specific situation that needs to be addressed to please contact myself at (905) 547 2287 ext.251 for the quickest response.

At Molson Stadium you're aloud to bring outside food. I don't know how it's a policy across North America. I don't even think they search women's purses. I know they search back packs, but that's about it.

Horns and mini footballs, that's weird. We're encouraged to be a part of the game, and your not alowed to bring a sound maker? What's next, no cheering?

I feel sorry for you guys who spent money to have some fun and enjoy the atmosphere.

At least the Ti-Cats won 8)

What an interesting read! :roll:

It seems that the Ticats and the City of Hamilton hasn't learned anything from the past mistakes! :thdn:

Why do we have to go through this BS EVERY YEAR just to finally have some Common Sense and Continuity put in place by the end of the year?

Fix it Now or have more unhappy customers!

Have the Police...Police...not turn a blind eye to the dope smoking loud, boisterous, drunken idiots who cause all the trouble...but a family with a bottle of water are criminals to the rent-a cop's and the Police who have "Attitudes". (not all)

It's supposed to be a fun atmosphere! I can hardly believe we are visiting this problem again. :frowning:

[edit -- trolling]

That's hardly the assurance I was looking for, Gallagher.

Outside food, weapons, illegal drugs...all of these can be snuck in in a person's pockets. Unless you are willing to start frisking every patron that comes through the gate, having them all empty their pockets, inspecting all the contents the way they do at the airport, your argument is weak.

As for my sister's condition, it is no longer an issue, since she has just told me that due to this humiliation, she will not be attending any more games. That means that every game I must either find someone else to buy that seat, or eat the cost of an already-overpriced ticket. If I do, that means that I won't be able to visit the concession stands, as my sister and I are accustomed to doing, to buy the overpriced food there. Over the course of the season, that's easily $200 of lost revenue.

Not to mention the fact that renewal for '09 is now a longshot.