security staff in box g,h,i,j

what was with the security guards constantly walking in front of fans in the first row of boxes g,h,i,j shoving fans, laughing as if they knew it was bothering us. i didn't pay $70 for a ticket to dodge security staff every 5 minutes for no reason to see the game.

I noticed that too, but then wasnt there a few fights in the end zone but not in the box seats!

....maybe that's what they were being paid to do? :cowboy:

not good for biz and if I ever get shoved for no reason he will end up on his back on field I am like twice the size of most of the security. 100% gentleman but will put a bully in his place fast.

Two security guys also walked the last row in the north stands every five minutes or so during the first quarter. The combination of somewhat um... portly ... security guards, narrow aisle spacing, work boots and summer sandals meant that blocked gameplay and clipped toes was a decidedly negative addition to the gameday experience.

It didn't last long - those guys probably don't have to walk a lot of stairs on most of thier gigs and I figured they probably either handed in their badges and went for a beer somewhere by the half, or they found some shifty dude closer to ground level that really seemed to need watching.

Actually, it sounds like the champagne and truffle swells in the platinum and gold sections close enough to be offended by misapplied black on black helmet decals that needed all the extra security attention last night - maybe that's where the guards went for the second half. :wink:

Appreciate the extra security presence, fellas, (though the exceedingly genteel folks in section 8 have always been the poster children for self-control), but either stick to the aisles or get a little bit lighter on those feet.