Security Guard Jack

THANKS ONKNIGHT for the update.
Just happy he is okay. pat_cat

I just talked to the Hospital patient information, to see if I could drop by for a visit on the way to today's tailgate party, but was informed that he is still in the I.C.U. West, and cannot receive visitors (other than immediate family). Hopefully tomorrow.

Just a brief update for friends of Jack. I just left his bedside at the Hospital, and he is doing fine. Amazing what healing powers a Tiger Cat victory has! I left him a picture of Robbie the tiger taken from my seat, and also showed him pictures of the commissioner at our tailgate party on Friday night. Jack is in great spirits, and expects (or at least hopes)to be released on Tuesday, and will then go stay at his son's place for a few days while recuperating. He truly appreciates all the sentiments expressed by his friends on this forum, and looks forward to seeing everybody again soon.

Thanks Dusty ..
I knew Jack would be Better after a Win..

Glad to hear he's doing well. Thanks for the update.

It's great to hear you came through this so well,
and you're healing right on schedule too, Jack.

As you promised you'll be on the job
for the Labour Day Game. Fantastic.

I was released from the hospital Thursday Aug. 9th to my sons' place. Had to get home to feed that Tiger some Eskimo meat! Thanks Pat and all concerned. All TIGER CAT fans make the best buddies. Love you all Jack.

My Friend Welcome Home ..
Take it Easy Enjoy the Game and The Buy Week.

If need anything PM me..


Hi Jack!..............Just to let you know that we are thinking of you and hope that you are feeling better really soon!! Gotta get some wins for those CATS!!

Stan and Beverly