Security Guard Jack

For those Ticat fans who are familiar with Security Guard Jack Millar - normally at the West end zone gate (and formerly at the Handicapped section, and Box J area), Jack has suffered a heart attack, and will be missing from his post for the immediate future. The good news is that his heart has suffered none to minimal damage, and that his prognosis for a full recovery is excellent. He will undergo triple bypass surgery probably next Monday or Tuesday, and will remain in the General Hospital for about a week after that. I have just left his bedside, and he is in tremendous spirits, although he will miss his friends at Tiger Cats' practice, at his gate, and his beloved Tiger Cats while out of commission. I'm sure you all will join with me in wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.

Go Cats!win one for Jack!Get well soon buddy.

I recall a Barnes Security dude they called Rabbit. I know of some guys that use to sneak into the Cat games when they were kids. Rabbit threatened to drop a load in each hand whenever he caught them.

Oh no Jack is wounderfull Man..
a Good Friend of Mine..
He Sits with us at Practices
He'll be missed at Practices.. :frowning:

Jack we love you Please get Well Soon..

Sorry to hear that. It is good news that there isn't much permanent damage, though. I'll be keeping him in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

I don't know Jack, but I do wish him a speedy recovery.

(On an aside... I don't want to hear any smart alec retorts about my, "I don't know Jack" comment!)

Hi Jack:
Just to let you know I am thinking about you and will be in to see you. I know you will be okay because as I tell my kids.[Only the good die young] Take care my friend. [Pat] pat_cat

Without prejudice (which means I am not just saying this because he is my friend) - Jack is the best security guard at Ivor Wynne. All of you who know him would agree. He will be missed until his return. Garda Security misses him already.

jack is the best security gaurd there on game days,he does mcmaster games too,i hope he gets a full speedy recovery

I was in to see Jack tonight
He was in good Spirits When I Saw him at 6PM.
Jack Will Be Watching The Ticats Game Tomorrow.
Monday he will have his triple bypass surgery at 1 PM.

He wanted me to thank everyone
for the Kind Words Cards and Flowers..
He Hopes to back Labour day..

Hi, my name is Gord Millar and I am Jacks' son. I would just like to say thank-you to everyone for their support and kind words. I've printed off a copy of your replies and will take them to the hospital tomorrow for my dad to read. Thanks again, Gord.

Hopefully Jack might only miss one home game.
After Aug.3 there are no home games until Labour day.
Can't miss Labour day Jack!!!

Get well quick Jack.
See you at the Labour Day Classic!

When I was in to see Jack, he looked great
and vowed to be on the job for Labour Day.

Speedy recovery, Jack. All the best!!

After your bypass surgery, Jack, your life will make a definite change for the better.

Looking forward to seeing you back on the job for Labour Day. Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hi everyone

Jack would like everyone to know that his surgery has been moved to Wednesday.

Thanks you for all of your support.
We appreciate everyone's concern.

Thanks for Letting us Know

I saw Jack again on Saturday. He is still in great spirits, and the Tiger head over his bed looks G-G-G-R-R-E-A-A-T (Thanks, Pat). The one thing he wants now is for the team to break into the win column!

Has anyone got an update on Jack? Was at the Hospital yesterday and could not get any info. We are going to WIN for him to-night. pat_cat

Yes He had his surgery on Aug 1
Dusty talked to his daughter Yesterday.
She said they removed the breathing tubes Yesterday,
He is breathing on his own now.
He was also able to talk a bit Yesterday.
He is sore, but that is normal.
He should be moved to a regular ward likely Saturday, but possibly today.
When that happens, he can accept visitors again.
For now, he is in Intensive care, and only immediate family can see him.

That a Boy Jack We need you back at IWS