Security at the Stadium

My sons got hassled at the game because they were picking up empty beer cans and putting them in garbage cans...It works like this...empty them, crush them, and bag them...Next day it's off to the beer store then over to Toys R Us....Sounds like a great idea right....My sons should be commended for their initiative right....Well, no... security told me it's against the law...and also warned me that I wouldn't be allowed to purchase a ticket for the next game. (I asked him how he could possibly do that and that maybe it wasn't such a great idea to keep people away from the game - but I digress)...Anyways, my kids took their bags of cans out and we're off to Toys R Us today and they're proud of me for standing up to the "stupid" security guy (their words)....I mean really, aren't there more important things to worry about.

Good for you .
Young entrepeneurs in the making ,a good lesson in $$$ making.

One persons garbage is anothers $$$$$.

They helped the environment as well ,unless the Toys were painted :roll: in China.

The security gestapo strikes again.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes there are a "few" overzelous guards out there. I remember a particular game, where a band was playing ( not the BTTB) and I wanted to stay to hear them. ( Being a band member I appreciate what these kids were doing) So anyway my hubby and I were slowly moving but after sitting in cold weather (my knees tend not to co operate) I was taking it very slow. Anyway this "person" ( and I use that slightly to be politially correct in this forum) proceeded to GRAB my arm as to hurry me along. I thought my hubby was gonna well you get the picture.
They are not too bright and tend to pick on those who are not the problem, while the druken slobs before you get a walking pass and a wink.
Maybe its because that person spent enough on the beer to pay his salary.? Oh and PS I don't want to hear how tough their job is ok.

How about considering for a minute that this security guy is just some regular working stiff making peanuts and trying to do his job.

If it's against the law for kids to collect beer cans inside a licensed venue, as he told you, and security allows it to happen, the city/stadium could be putting their liquor license and right to sell alcohol in jeopardy.

Don't get me wrong, good on your kid for having the initiative (I put mine in his garbage bag when he came by), but if it puts the right of the city to sell me beer at Cats games (not to mention beer revenue and beer company sponsorships) vs your kid's right to earn a trip to ToysRUs, I'll take the side of the security guard.

Even if it isn't against the law, but the security staff are told not to allow it, for whatever reason, then it's not a great example for you to set for your kids, mouthing off to a guy who's just trying to do his job the way he's expected to do it.

I'm all for ragging on security when they don't do their job - how about giving them a break when they do.

Can't Wait for Jack to be back on the Job

Speaking of security, I had to chuckle at the heavy security presence at the railing above the TiCats tunnel at the end of the game. I wonder why the Cats need protection from their own fans?

We do have a recycling program in place but would like to commend the efforts of your children. I believe the reason the security guard wanted you to leave is because we had over 200 girl guides spending the night and watching a movie at the stadium. So it was imperative to ensure the stadium was completely empty and secure. Clearly, the security guard could have communicated his responsibilities more effectively.

the security at the stadium has had some interesting issues with fans the last few years, but this takes the cake.

A few years back they tried to seize my son's gummy bears out of our knapsack. Now that's good customer relations ...

I'm just talking here..

Maybe.. just maybe.. its not the best idea to have your kids roaming the stadium collecting beer cans.

If you can afford to go to the game then you should also be able to afford a toy for them.

I mean no disrespect but I simply don't agree with it.

um thats because you cant bring in your own food... i dont think were the only stadium with that rule

what next? spit out your gum before entering the

but the guys kids were doing the stadium and organization a favour by picking up the beer cans, wouldn't you rather have a clean stadium, than a stadium full of beer cans that kids have to encounter while watching the movie?

It sounds to me like the security guard handled things poorly, went overboard.

I'm not trying to be a smart mouth or whatever, but I hope your children were wearing gloves of some kind. What they were doing is very unsanitary if done bare handed.

I was impressed with the Special Event Staff

There were lots of them and they
performed their duties professionally.

They were quickly on the scene
when there was problem with a fan
or some fans behind Winnipeg's bench,

and two or 3 policemen sprinted
to the scene to escort the fan out.

They are deliberately visible
standing in significant spots,
at the bottom or top of aisles.

The Special Events staff stood on top
of the roof of the Bomber's dugout
after the game and ringed the field

in a deliberately non-threatening manner.
[hands in pockets]

Unfortunately, some people aren't
clued in enough to ask for assistance
when they have a problem. Damian Cox's
public whining still irks me today.