Security at football games

Well said Arius.

And i'd just like to add that I in no way condone drunken/idiot behaviour at an event like this. I also dont condone laying your hands on an officer.
Having said that, just because the fans were in the wrong doesnt mean the officer has free range to behave anyway he wants.
Personally, I feel the officer COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE diffused the situation in a better (less violent) way.

It didnt look to me like he was reaching for his gun. He put his hand on his shoulder, in my opinion, most likely to try to talk to the officer. He didnt appear to be being aggressive to me. (Video is no longer available, go figure)
I cant believe so many of you are now bringing the officers gun into this in the first place. What a bunch of lemmings. one perosn say it, so a bunch of you grasp on it.
I know buddy was in a green jacket, but that does not was going to shoot up the stadium.
Nothing is obvious by the video.

Anytime the Police are making an arrest and you grab a cop from behind it means big trouble. It looked like to me that several extra Riders got the boot for interferring and the Cop obviously felt threatened and had to deal with the situation. He acted swiftly and unfortunately the drunk Rider fan couldn't stand up and pulled both of them into the crowd.

If you don't want to get into trouble then one should avoid it, not go looking for it like this Rider fan did. If one fan is acting like an idiot then try to differentiate yourself from that fan. I do not feel sorry for these guys.

There was a time when so called fans used to run onto the field and security would bulldog him into the turf, then several security would pile up on him and after 30 seconds of arms swinging they would pick the loser off the turf and toss him out the door. But people complained that the force was too excessive. Bleeding hearts everywhere.

In my opinion, the issue of whether or not he went for the gun is irrelevant. You don’t go after an officer when he’s in the middle of handling some drunken fans. It doesn’t matter if you were just trying to get his attention by tapping him on the shoulder. For all the officer knew, the fan could have been hostile. He hesitates and suddenly he’s the one injured.

first of all to copet. there is no evidence this person was drunk
To Chief. I said he overreacted. I stand by that. The guy was not being agressive, he was backing off. I think as a police officer in a public event in a place full of innocent people, he needs to be held to a higher level.

This strikes me as another example of "its always someone elses fault"

Its buddys fault, I agree, made a stupid move, no doubt about it. But the reason we trust the police with guns and the abiltiy to use deadly force is because they are supposed to be trained to handle volitile situations calmly. Was he calm? Was he in control?

The idea that an officer can react in anyway he wants just because someone grabbed at him is ridiculous. Can he pull out his gun and shoot the person, when clearly they are no longer posing any threat? Clearly not. Obviously it didnt get anywhere near this, but the question arises, where do you draw the line?

I would like to think that an officer of the law, in this day and age, would have the training to assess this situation, even in the matter of seconds, and act accordingly. In my opinion, I feel that he could have grabbed the guy, even tackling him would have been more acceptable than throwing a haymaker.
When I watch the video, what I see is an officer who is annoyed and angry go after a guy that was grabbing at him. I do not see an officer that is afraid for his life or safety... maybe thats just me though

Keep in mind, its a police officers duty to serve the people, not the other way around.
Being drunk, acting like and idiot, and breaking the law is clearly wrong and deserves punishment... but i feel the "haymaker" was a bit over the top and not the proper conduct for an officer of the law.

I thought it was pretty obvious that he was drunk. He grabbed onto the cops vest because he was falling over. If he was not drunk then he obviously has no brain. Take your pick.

Personally, I dont give a crap what was going on in the officers mind, whether or not his own emotion got the best of him, the guy still deserved a beating and he got off lightly as far as I am concerned.

The cops are in a damned of you do and dammed if you don't situation....
Its like the riots here in Montreal last spring.
The police are being sued for

  1. Being to aggressive in the handling of the situation
  2. Not being aggressive enough and stopping the situation.....

They cant win either way

nothing like rider fans to unite opponants ehh :lol:

:-) thanks FYB. just proved what I thought. Its because the guy was wearing a green jacket that he "deserved to get a beating" and was obviously drunk.

By the way, Id be saying the same it this guy was dressed in Red. Think this particular officer in this particular instance over reacted.

actually, I did nothing of the kind. If you knew anything about me, you would know I am one of the most objective posters around, hence my condemnation of JJ last yr and Murphy recently, and before. I calls em as I see em.

I always support police when dealing with criminals and other poopheads, as this "fan" clearly was. I dont care what fan in what stadium, or even if he was a beloved relative or friend.

You say you are objective and "calls them like you sees them", but then you go and say that you ALWAYS support the police.
That doesnt sound very objective to me? Dont you think the police have acted incorrectly in some situations before?

Actually it goes both ways...
Because he was wearing a green jacket, he was treated unfairly and did nothing wrong.

you left out the when part. Sometimes police do the wrong things with innocent people, but IMO, every guilty person deserves more than they get.

What about situations where criminals have been beaten until they were unconscious by police, and the police were subsequently discplined for excessive force/brutality.
Did the criminals deserve what they got then? were the police in the right because they were dealing with a criminal?

Policemen are taught to act not react. Policmen that wait to react sometimes don't get that chance. This officer acted as he felt threatened and I think he acted appropriately. When some dough head grabs you from behind while you are making an arrest means the dough head also goes to jail. I support the police and have no problems with them ruffing up an unruley criminal that choses not to cooperate. Criminals have been known to become clumbsy at times and have accidents like running into things and falling down, but I am apposed to beating someone senseless while they are handcuffed.

Then tell some of the ridiculous Rider fans out there at games (not all) giving bad names to the good ones to stop tarnishing what once was a proud ilk (my little potshot, I know their still proud hehe), and perhaps we wouldn't need to hypothesize about justification about a hypothetical accident that with all due respect, still would have been caused by the actions of the offender. Stupidest statement i've read maybe EVER.

Cop was completely justified, and get's my kudos.