Security at football games

Anybody think a cop throwing a punch and tackling a guy INTO a crowd is a bit excessive?

nope, That guy had no right to put his hands on the Police officer

I noticed it doesnt show what the guy did to start the whole thing. Very high odds the guy deserved it and more. With all those witnesses, they are not going to be that agressive without great provocation. SOB "victim" probably deserves to be banned for life from all cfl stadiums.

selective editing

so zbest, did it hurt much???

The guy went for the officers gun he should have been mistreated.

Ah yes....The CFL's best fans again...Hopefuly they were charged,printed had their laces and belts removed and spent a nice night in a drunk tank.

Anyone else think if this happened at another standium to another team's fans, we wouldn't hear word one from zbest? Sheesh. Like everyone else, I'd side with the officer. You don't grab an officer in that kind of situation... not unless you're looking to get knocked out.

going for the officer's gun? are you kidding me? We must have watched different clips!

I cant believe people think its appropriate for a cop to turn around and throw a haymaker at someone who attempted to grab him.
There isnt another way to subdue someone in that situation? Its not like the guy was fighting back or posed any REAL physical threat. Nothing in that video suggest that the cop was justified in acting the way he did there.

The most surprising thing is that the rider fan was white... i thought the Calgary police just beat up on minorities?

Look where the guys had went right where the gun is. Now did he mean to go there is another story but he did grab the cop at his gun sorry to bad your to blind to see that. You do not grab an officer while making an arrest plain and simple.

I agree, this cop was overreacted a wee bit. Someone else could have been seriously hurt. His job it to also protect all the other citizens there.
As for going for his gun. looks to me like he was reaching for his friend and stumbled.
Was the cop justified in arresting the first guy? probably. Was he justified in putting all the other spectators at risk. nope.

RedandWhite, you said "the guy WENT FOR the officer's gun".... and what I said is that he didnt GO FOR the gun! by saying "went for" you are implying intent.
The guy clearly grabs the officer around the shoulder, stumbles and his hand slips to around the officer waist.... there was no intent to grab the gun... thats all I was saying.

And just because he grabbed at the officer... when the officer turned around, the man had moved back and was continuing to back off. Why is ok for the officer to go after him and throw that kind of a punch when the guy who grabbed at him clearly was not a threat at that point. I have no problem with the officer protecting himself, but that kind of a punch to someone who has clearly backing off is over the top in my opinion.

Is it the worst thing to ever happen? Not at all.
Should this kind of behaviour from a police officer be tolerated? Not at all.

That guy should never have put himself into a position where he had to "BACK OFF"
As for the intent of going for the gun, maybe he did maybe he didnt but the cop could not take that chance!

if that altercation had ended up with some innocent spectator being knocked down the stairs and being seriously injured or killed would you have been saying the officer was justified then. They need to have cool heads at all times. They shouldnt be making a situation worse, they should be trying to difuse it.

How about you go try it ? Go grab a police officer from the back while he is making an arrest and see what happens to you. I think the officer was very restrained. Where are the Tasers when they are needed?

if it was me or mine that got hurt in the scuffle, I would have blamed the ahole who started it and taken it out on him, given the chance.

We'll probably never know.

And if the guy did grab the gun and shot someone, then what?
Bottom line is the guy was in the wrong and should not have put himself into a position where the officer had to react

Pretty hard to tell much of anything from that video. It is a dubious suggestion at best that the guy was reaching for the officer's gun, but who cares. The reality is, police officers make for lousy security at events like football games. Were those Rider fans drunk and likely out of control? No doubt. But the cop appears to have made the situation worse, not better and placed himself in a position where he needed to react as forcefully as he did. Trained security guards who do not carry guns are what should be handling that situation, and the police are only needed in rare occasions. But as we do not have the beginning of the events, it is difficult to say what if anything might have prevented what was an obvious escalation of events.
Taylor Field use to use primarily police as security and there would be incidents like this one. Since we use primarily private security for the last 20 years, things rarely get to that point anymore.I can't actually recall an incident anywhere near me in those 20 years.
Can't speak for the University section.

It is obvious by the involvment of Police that the "punks" didn't cooperate with the event security staff. Why else do you think the police officer was called to assist?