The Lions said their ticket numbers don't include 7-11 seats cause 7-11 sells their own tickets, so the number could be higher than 32,000.

The Upper Deck between Sec 48 and 6 appears to still be closed off. That's the section with the $ 29 seats I was referring to. I hope they will open those soon.

In Thursday's press release the Lions said they had initially opened up sections 13-16 on the visitors side.
Checking Ticketmaster this morning, I now see section 12 is open so slowly but surely.... more are becoming available which has to be a very good sign.

Can't find any pairs of tix in lower bowl on Ticketmaster... so it looks like the lower bowl is pretty much full! (other than 7-11 seats of course)

With all new ticket purchases going to upper bowl seats we should see sections opening (and filling) faster there.

Let's hope for a strong push this week and as close to a full house as we can get!