section 26 row j

Does anyone know how far up it is?....Just curious....


Row J ?

where i sit the rows are numbered, so i couldnt tell you.

pretty sure it's the 11th row up from the concourse. (i think the first row is AA, then A, B..... up to V)
so that would be about 2/3 of the way up from ground level.

I think it's AA, BB, A, B, C and so on.

And that's starting halfway up the seating. the Box seats are the lower half, and the numbered sections are the upper half of the stadium.

ok so 12 rows up from midway then

lol ya sure it not section J

J box rules.

look I just learn something.
But in 40 yrs I have never sat up high unless it was the couple seasons I was HFC seating.
Today I am trying something I have never done in 40 yrs. Feild level endzone seating that bet 365 tent. SoI will be checking that out. Smoking huge :cowboy: blunt before I get there. It all you can eat burgers dogs chicken. Now if they just had a all you can drink beer section hmmmmmmmmmm

Section 26 is under where the press boxes/announcers are row J that is like 10 rows up

We're in Row I.

Great seats - perfect site lines. Bring head phones - the PA volume is deafening.