Secret Boards on the CFL Forum Site!!!

So... check out what Red&White has posted on the locked "Is Dunk a Moron" thread.

This topic has been moved toModerators.

If you click the link, you get a "No Access to this" message. Now while I agree that threads like this should be X-ed, this may be a slip by our mod crew that gives us insight into a whole hidden world.

It looks like there is a secret 'moderators only' Board where they continue the idiotic discussions locked out for the rest of us. :wink:

What OTHER secret board might there be on on this site? The imagination boggles.

Is there a secret Board where various team management types criticize the fans?

Maybe one on which Sully and others confess their secret preference for DOS based programming?

Whadda' you think?

I'm afraid to answer.

Yes, there is . . . and apparently Bobo hacked into Tom Higgins' I Hate Fans thread.

they need it to discuss content, lock or delete. interesting to know though

There's only one other secret board, which against my recommendation I've been asked at this time to be transparent about. :-\


Did I ever say how much I LOVE the administrators and mods on this site? They are THE best! :-[

...too funny

Who cares. If the mods want to talk behind our backs they can send each of PMs, outside email or any number of internet options and we, the masses, will never know.

Go ahead, talk about me behind my back. I'll sleep fine at night, my feelings won't be hurt and the sun will rise tomorrow.

This is a CFL message board not the X-Files.

I miss the off topic board.

Where else is a fella supposed to learn about the history of Canadian Bacon, Canadian Sitcoms, Imperial Units, and the subtle differences between Canadian English and British English?

These are now topics for the secret board. You are NOT authorized. :-X

If you are Canadian you are taught those secrets in school. If you are not a Canadian they are state secrets that you are not entitled to know. :wink:

Oops! Johnny made the last post to the "Is Dunk a moron" thread. Johnny probably got it locked. Johnny might be on thin ice!

Ok, Johnny will be good! Besides, the CFL forums need the official Pollster to manage the polls. :slight_smile:

That's exactly right. MrX is just a fictional character from a silly TV show.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I agree. Nothing here. Mark likes the opinions of Dave. Mark likes ALL the moderators and administrators. Go to some other thread. Now. Please.

You had such a great opportunity to use "Johnny B. Goode" and you did not take it. :frowning:

I'm surprised. Where are the outraged Rider fans taking Hufnagel to task for his revelatory thread? ;D

With only one semi-active moderator RedWhite would have to be chatting with himself.

As long as it doesn't turn into an argument and he loses I think he's safe.