I'm a big Tisdale fan but tonight was his worst game as a Cat. He's going get torn apart and picked unless he plays more physical off the line. Get in gear Geoff! Having said that, Shivers keeps getting worked over game in and game out. I would really like to see Heyward back on the corner and move Tisdale into Shivers spot. Heyward can cover and he's physical. :cowboy:

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYWAAAAAAARD. Please insert him somewhere.

Although i did feel bad for our secondary tonight, we had a linebacker playing safety.

Our Practise roster guys seem better than our 1st stringers in a lot of cases. Maybe the coaches have to recognize that and give them a chance.

Bo Smith will be back soon ... move him to the corner, bring Tisdale inside, have Heyward back up both spots and send Shivers home.

I like it. :thup:

I don't. I was extremely happy that Bo Smith was signed by the Jets. My memory of him last year was that whenever a big play was made against the Cats it was usually on Smith and Tisdale's side. Other than last night I have been pleasantly surprised by Tisdale's play this year. Perhaps he was a natural CB playing at HB in error?

I thought Bo Smith progressed as the season went along last year. I agree that Tisdale makes a good corner(I thought he made a good Halfback last year) but i do think Bo Smith is better than Jykine at corner.

I cannot remember the last time the Cats had a decent secondary. They give up too many long gainers, too many 2nd and longs, and layoff the coverage by a wide margin. Lets get some rough and tough cover guys.

Last night in Winnipeg the secondary was are biggest weakness but of course you got 2 account for injuries.

I agree. I believe the lack of QB pressure last year was a big problem that contributed to the secondary's woes. Last night the D had at least 4 sacks that I recall, so a lack of pressure wasn't the issue during that game. I know Greg Marshall is THE best D coordinator in the league. He should know the causes of the problems and should be able to rectify them. (At least I hope so).

Tisdale has played well most of the year. Heyward did impress and should be brought back. Bradley is a dependable soldier but just a bit too slow. He also has a tendency to risk the tackle at the expense of a highlight reel hit. Dennis was a backup in BC and hasn't shown much different here. Shivers and Poole have been a considerable disappointment. The Thompson for Mann trade is not one of Obie's better moves. We shouldn't be overhauling a major component of our team every year.

IMO Heyward needs to be starting on this team. This kid does not get blocked out of the play easy and he plays physical. He can also cover. I do like Tisdale but last night he was getting a schooling. What is bothering me most though is that every team we play goes right after Shivers. Obivously they see a weakness there that they want to take advantage of. To compete with Montreal we'll have strenghten the defensive backfield..:cowboy:

Poole was very disappointed when he was cut perhaps? :wink:

June 29 - Released Import DB Will Poole

I think he had asked for his release as he thought he would not be a starter. I agree with the Thompson trade at this point. Let's see how Mann does over the entire season though, for the complete acid test.

Shivers and Tisdale are the weak links of this defensive secondary.
They continuously get beat on those pass plays where the opposing QB has time in the pocket.
They can't sustain any coverage .
Lets get some bodies in here than can provide some coverage

So far Mann hasn't shown anything we didn't already have or could have acquired at rookie camp.

I agree, but can't we give him the whole season to prove himself?

Things better get fixed with the secondary. Lemon throws those long passes with a nice arch and can throw it far. I can see the Cats having some real difficulties unless we score a lot. The Argos are beginning to look like the real deal. Some ole fashioned tough nose football with enough offense to do the job.

I have to agree that the secondary is still questionable. I still don't see why we let Thompson go. The only reason I see why we made that trade is possibly for financial reasons, but Mann probably has a decent salary. Why would they let our best db go when we already had an average secondary?

Not sure if Bo Smith will help, but he is pretty athletic. I was really dissappointed at how we let players get behind us in the second half last week when we had a big lead. You can't do that when you are ahead. The lack of a real safety did not help.

At times we cover well, and at times we are way behind and give up big plays. Often the dbs play way back, and sometimes they have problems tackling.

We need to find a way to play a little better at this spot if we want to go deep this year.

At this point, I would say the secondary and the struggling running game are our biggest weaknesses.


Because we desperately needed a legit deep threat to complement Bruce. Even a cagey vet like Glenn can only do so much if all his receivers are covered.

Having just got by the Argo game, I still maintain the same problems with the secondary. Shivers is playing out of position and he has not adapted well to weak side half. I don't think I'm the only one who notices this either. Maybe a decent player but not where they been playing him. I'd love to see them give Heyward a chance there. Also this secondary is not physical like we were promised...a more physical secondary. I'm not seeing any receivers getting separated from the ball like they should be. Our safety has to be physical presence back there also ( ala Rob Hitchcock). I think Toronto and Montreal secondaries are alot more physical on receivers than the Cat's. :cowboy: .....just my humble opinion. :cowboy: