How do you think the Als' secondary will shape up this year?

I think Sanchez and Estelle should be locks on the corners, so that's set.

Safety? Karikari is gone (but still on the open market, I don't think anyone's signed him since the Argos let him walk). So I guess Proulx gets a shot.

HBs? Clint Kent should be one for sure. For the other I'd like to see Boulay tried there. He spent most of his time at LB last season, but what with Ellis, Mackey, Taylor, Strickland, Carter and Grace, there's no way he gets a starter's spot and I think this guy deserves a shot at a starter's position. So I'd try him out at HB (or maybe safety if Proulx can't cut it).

Your thoughts?

I think Chip Cox is a possibility to return also, pending what happens at training camp with the Skins.

The Als have a great defense, crappy system.

I'd welcome him back with open arms, for sure.

I agree with you 100% about Sanchez and Estelle. In the few games he played last year, Estelle looked really fast and tough. A good physical speedy CB.

I remember reading somewhere (the Journal de Montréal I think) that Popp said that Etienne Boulay and Mathieux Proulx would compete for the safety position. This makes sense, because as we all know the safety is usually Canadian. I like Proulx, but I beleive that Boulay is better. Boulay looks faster and more combative than Proulx. He also played CB at an american university and I beleive he ran a 4.5 40 yarder at the CFL combine. He would be my choice.
Karikari seems to have a negative vibe around him. Pierre Vercheval basically said on RDS last year that he was "uncoachable". The fact that the Argos have silently released him and that he is still available says a lot...

For the Halfbacks, Clint kent should get a shot. Lamont Brightful also showed some promise last season. As for Chip Cox, if he does come back, it will probably be halfway through the CFL season when the NFL teams make their last cuts. We cannot count on him as an opening day starter. It would be great if we got him back though!

Well, it looks like some things are playing out the way we expected. Sanchez and Estelle on the corners, Boulay and Proulx battling for safety:

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The article says that Brightful is in competition with Clint Kent for one HB position. If true I'd lean to Kent, I think he showed more potential than Brightful last year; Brightful I'd keep for his versatility as he can play safety, HB, or corner; he'd be my extra DB in the overall scheme of things.

The article doesn't say who looks to secure the other DHB position. Personally, I'd love it if Proulx showed enough to take the safety spot and then we use Boulay at DHB. I don't see it working the other way round, with Boulay at safety and Proulx at DHB. But I think a secondary of Sanchez and Estelle on the corners, Boulay and Kent at DHB, and Proulx at safety would be pretty solid.

Anyone going to camp can give us the lowdown on some of the other secondary possibilities?

Proux has to bring his game up a notch to be a starter. He was off to a great start. He needs to work harder. The talent and smarts are there.

I don't think there is toomuch of a concern with the secondary if the Als go to more conventional schemes. Blitzing on almost every down exposes any secondary.