Secondary Continuity

Hopefully, the revolving door in the secondary is closed for a few games. All these new guys coming in not knowing the game, probably out of shape, thinking about being somewhere else, etc. In the second quarter tonight their inexperience was exposed and the game was over.

We need to keep the same guys back there for a few games to see what we have. It seems if a guy makes a mistake he is benched and on Monday morning we bring in someone else. That has to stop or there will be missed coverages every game.

Again no Experience CFL Coaches.
Ed Oneal is Great guy but should stick to Coaching NFL Style Football in the States.

Free Agency this year
There was a Lot of Good CB out there
we did not get one we need at-least Two .
We Traded our Good DB's Else where.

This Falls back again to The Coaches Hired.
Our GM and Owner

Try getting an O line and a couple of receivers that can actually run a decent pattern. Maybe we need to bring in Earl to help coach the receivers.

How about Sudsy as a "defensive consultant" ?

On the "offensive" side, how about bringing back Dave Beckman and his "Fumbleroski" offense?

How about adding some Vodka vitamins to the Argos gatoraid ?

Secondary 2007,Version 8.0: not powerful enough.

Waiting for Version 9.0, scheduled for release on Labour Day. Hopefully it's got more power and less memory.

maybe we had the defensive coach her and let him go. Dennis Mcphee.