Second Year Guys

Who are you favourite second year guys, who you want to see more of?

  1. Jake Burt: First overall pick out of Boston College spent his rookie season on the IR. With Kalinic possibly gone, it's Burts time to shine. Hopefully they use the tightend morebin the recieving game. He's bigger than all SLBs and probably faster than most WLBs, it's a mismatch waiting to happen.

  2. Mason Bennett: The first of the Ti-Cats first round picks back in 2020. He had two sacks as a backup defensive end in his rookie season. Was injured for a couple of games. I truely believe that once Teddy is done playing, that the ratio will switch from defensive tackle to defensive end.

  3. Coulter Woodmansey: The Ti-Cats second first round pick of 2020. He started a couple of games at right guard and didn’t looking out of place. Seems more athletic and leaner, than when he was drafted. I remember a sweep play last year, where he pulled to the left and just pancaked the linebacker.

  4. Nic Cross: The Ti-Cats second first round pick of 2021. He made plays on special teams and I think if Kameron Kelly where to go down or head south after this season, Cross should be given an opportunity at SLB.

  5. Baily Feltmate: The guy is 6'2 240lbs. He made some plays on special teams and should be a good backup at MLB.

  6. Stavros Katsantonis: He looked good when getting playing time at safety. Was a fourth round pick, but should have gone much earlier.

American Guys/Globals

  1. Kameron Kelly: Good SLB, but needs to stop taking unexceptable penalties.

  2. Travis Vornakuhl: Started a couple of games at left tackle and could be a full time starter, if he wins the competition out of camp.

  3. Tim White: Speedy reciever, who made some plays.

  4. Papi White: Similar to Tim, but didn't make as many plays. Could be a return guy.

  5. Wes Hillis: Looked good, but I think STE and Irons will be Jackson's backups.


Good analysis. There is some quality talent on that list and is likely the reason the Cats didn't need to make a big splash during Free Agency. Most of these guys will be even better for the 2022 season.

I expect Tim White, Kelly, Kats and Woodmansey to become household names in Ti-Cat fandom. Players like Nic Cross will fly under the radar a bit but are no less important in the Special Teams role. Especially if they excel.

Jake Burt might as well be in his rookie year. LOL. He will be observed with keen interest since he was the 1st overall pick. Hopefully he can pick up right where Kalinic left off.


I vote for TW
I will not spell out his name to avoid the scanning tools that may be in effect to blow up this post :slight_smile:


Let's all genuflect and pray that it won't happen. :smile:


Tim White is definitely a household name already.

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For all the wrong reasons.

Actually, only ONE reason...


Yes unfortunately he certainly is . It's kinda amazing that he has been mentioned on several posts but there has been no mention or love for our other 2nd year man at receiver in Steven Dunbar....until now that is .

I honestly think that Dunbar has way more upside than White and also has bigger size with 5 inches in height and 20 lbs in weight over him . Dunbar also had a better YPC average , more TD's and only finished 144 yds behind White in receiving yds despite playing 1 less game and having 12 less receptions on the season .


Okay for what it's worth here is my top 10 sophomore players that interest me the most list . As an aside I didn't include Burt on my list simply because of the fact that he didn't play last year therefore I'm considering this upcoming season to be his rookie season .

Anyways here we go in no particular order , my top 10 second year Ti-Cats that I've got my eye on . Interestingly my top 10 worked out to 5 Canadians and 5 Americans .


M . Bennett - de
N . Cross - lb
B. Feltmate - lb
S . Katsantonis - db
C . Woodmansey - ol


S . Dunbar - wr
P . White - wr/kr
K . Kelly - lb
D . Lawrence - db
M . Carney - de

I think White has more upside than Dunbar. Awareness and smarts, probably not. Lol

I don't know if I've forgotten or never did hear .... What was it that kept Burt from playing? Did he get hurt in camp? Did he remain with the team, daily, through the season? Did he participate, at all, in practices?

Bobo mentioned Papi White, not The Kneel.

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Yes, hurt in training camp, and never heard from again unless it was to update the 6-game IL. That cricket you hear chirping is louder than any CFL reporter writing on Burt's status ALL SEASON!


I could be wrong on this but I'm thinking that he must've stubbed his toe getting out of his vehicle at training camp last year . :thinking: :face_holding_back_tears: . At least it's a better explanation then we heard from the team all last season . Let's just hope that with the loss of Kalinic that the mystery man known as Burt is healthy and good to go for this upcoming season .

Oh, I referenced Tim White being a household and his response was Dunbar having more upside than "White".

I agree more than Papi. I like Tim better as a WR.

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It really is quite strange! The most recent media report, on Burt, that I can find is from July 21st, during training camp last summer, with no mention of anything wrong, or unusual. It also looks like Burt, himself, stopped tweeting, a month, or so, before he came to town. ????
Added: This is what the club says in Burt's bio -- "Missed the first seven games with a hamstring injury...Placed on six-game injured list September 28."

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He is the National Man of Mystery.

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Week into camp he announced his retirement. Book it.

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I must admit, Crash, I can't deny having had thoughts along that line. Here's hoping his hamstring is the only thing that kept him out and that he'll be ready, and eager, when camp opens :smile: 4 weeks from today.

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He did retweet when Kalinic got signed by the Colts so at least he is still following the team. I think he'll be back this year.

One second year guy who piqued my interest last year was Marcus Green. Only got into one game as a returner but I thought he looked quick and seemed to head straight up field once he snagged the ball. He could challenge Papi White as a returner.

Obviously, want to see Tim White and Dunbar build on impressive rookie years. Vornkahl and Woodmansey on oline.

Malik Carney, Mason Bennett and Lee Autry on dline. Kam Kelly at lb, and Lawrence and Katsantonis in the secondary. Plenty of good young talent across the board.

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