Second team in TO

I am old, but talking to young fellow back in the Big Smoke, he is convinced a second team in TO would not steal from the Argo's we both love. (I actually love all the teams unless they are playing my current favorite).
Anyway, it is 30 below here and Covid stuff
Drinking coffee, I thought, which is scary...what about the league playing a tenth team game at BMO, in lieu of
by-weeks, which are revenue ZERO.
IE: game one, Rider's vs Cats, absolutely natural draw. A portion of the gate going to Argos, if their knickers are offended and a portion to the league (or revenue sharing with coaches and players).
NOT exibitions, scheduled games.
Perhaps down the road if it proved itself a permanent team could be expanded there
Extra TV for TSN.
Doable immediately.
Now where are my snowshoes.
Luv ya "Pinball".


Laughable at best . I got just one question for you here , why oh why would the league consider a 2nd team in Toronto when the city doesn't even support the first team and only team they already have in the first place ?

I'm sorry to say but Toronto is probably easily top 5 as one of the crappiest sports towns in North America .


Negativity creates negativity.
Change the perseption.
The Golden Gate Bridge was a joke too.
Be bold or go home.

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The CFL's decline or ,in this case, the NFL's rise in popularity may have killed any chance of a second team in Toronto.

Rogers can be an owner of the 2nd team but with the CFL on TSN that won't happen.

The CFL would have had their tenth franchise by now if Toronto was able to get a 2nd team.

Plus the Allouettes folding in 1987 didn't do much for the CFL's image at the time.

Having 9 stable franchises in their current locations would be an accomplishment all to itself.


The Arghos were so far over both the Operations and Players Cap last season they could have Financed two CFL Teams ! :rofl:


You honestly would be better off by putting a 2nd team in Hamilton .
Say what you want about the city BUT at least we support our team unlike those elitist snobs in Toronto who only support a team consistently if it's wearing skates and playing on ice .

Let's face it here , Toronto doesn't even deserve the team they have . Great idea , let's give them a 2nd team that they can totally ignore much like the current team that usually has more seagulls than actual bodies in attendance on most game nights .

Let's also face it and be honest here , the only time that the Argos have half decent crowds are when the Cats are in town .


The league has enough trouble trying to find owners for ONE Toronto team let alone two.

And with a team already just down the road in Hamilton this is a non-starter.


If they can get the existing Toronto team fans back up to 12 to 15 k a game consistent with their own fans and then getting anywhere from 2 k to upwards to 5 k in visitors fans the CFL would be solid enough in Toronto .

Put up some tarps on all the corners and the game on TV and in person will look a whole lot better with 16 to 18 k at BMO .

Do that and have some positive vibes to the existing Toronto team and expansion in other needed locations upwards to 12 to 14 and then you can visit the idea of a second team in Toronto .

Right now it's scary attendance wise in Toronto but they have a low bar set to succeed if they actually do a little work on optics and a aggressive sales package that includes some perks with MLSE which they have at their disposal . Not sure why they don't use it .

Deals with everything .... merchandise , Bell , Crave , TSN , phones, you name it and that's not including other MLSE properties or promotions with other teams .they could include .

Or Argos /CFL deals ...... in itself with meetings , staged events , family exclusive deals ...... just for season ticket holders to garner loyalty and tribal feel .

Wouldn't this be along the same line of thinking of putting a second NHL team in Arizona?


In business school they always teach that when one business isn’t working in a market, the only solution is to open more franchises. :crazy_face:

Also, all that Phoenix needs is another team to spark interest in hockey.


Which is how the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were born.


This thread sounds like it was started by EZFootball. . .


:laughing: not quite.
The Ducks came around at a time when it was easier to get Laker tickets than it was to Kings games.
The lone hockey team in the market boasted apparel revenue that was higher than every other team in LA other than the Raiders.
Yup, practically twins with the Argos situation in Toronto.


My thoughts exactly :grinning:

No, the Mighty Ducks were born by Disney walking up and waving a fat cheque in Bettman's face. Like literally, that's the blunt basics of it. It had nothing to do with attendance or the popularity of hockey. The CFL hasn't had that happen in decades. It has a long history of scratching and clawing under rocks to find owners. It's the exact opposite of the Ducks actually.

The Mighty Ducks were also born of Kings owner Bruce McNall (who was also majority owner of the Argos at the time) bleeding cash and needed the funds so we OK'd the Ducks existence.


Not that I am supporting the XFL merger or anything close but you had the Rock and Redbird Capital sniffing around last year - and Vince McMahon did offer to buy the whole league in 1999 time frame - the CFL has had suitors but the CFL wasn't in the mood to sell their souls - either that or the money wasn't big enough -


Vince McMahon wanted to buy the CFL to turn it into the North Division of the original XFL. That's why the league wasn't interested.

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Back to the original topic - the problem with Toronot is MLSE owning pretty much every sports francise in TO. They don't want any competition to their monopoly. The GTA is big enough to support more than one football team and a second team would probably be more of a draw than when the Argos play any other team besides Hamilton. In Aussie-rules football, they have half the league's teams in the greater Melbourne area (their biggest metro area) and it works. Putting another team (or two) in the GTA could only help generate more interest in the CFL in Toronto. Wouldn't hurt to try to drum up interest in Mississauga, Brampton, and/or North York (which already has a stadium that would only have to be upgraded instead of built from scratch). CFL needs to start thinking outside the box.


They'd have to sell their stake in the Argos for that to happen (ideally, at least). It would be fun to see a Rogers teams compete with a Bell team, but I don't think that'll ever happen.

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