Second Season Starts

It's time for the 2nd season to start. We all have clean slates so let the predictions fly...

Edmonton/Calgary = Calgary
Calgary/BC = Calgary

Saskatchewan/Montreal = Montreal
Montreal/Toronto = Toronto


Calgary Stampeders = Grey Cup Champions

It almost stinks that the season only has 3 weeks left.

wheres hamilton...??????....oh yea!..hahaha

same place as Ottawa now

We're practicing for next years playoffs.

same as Winnipeg

practicing watching the T.V....same thing they'll be doin next

see what that guy is doing, mate, he is scoring a TD, good!



edm over cgy
bc over edm (they still got some fight in em)

mont over sk
to over mont

to over bc. repeat champions.

i think all the games should be close except for the cup. to will walk all over bc.