Second Round

good insight to the CBA. I do hope that the CFLPA begin looking to tap into the much much increase in sponsor dollars both league and franchise.
Also some intersting Stadium reminders that many have forgotten about in both Toronto and HRM and that are stuck on just the latest news that comes out of MLSE mouths.

For example where Cohon comments on a stadium for the Argos where they are the MAIN tennant is "Mission Critical"
Also that Braley has stated that yes indeed he is in talks with 3-4 regions outside downtown with news in about a year (whichit has not been close to a year" and that it could include being part of a land redevlopment.

Also for the No way Hallifax people that publshed as of JAN 18 2014 that the decomission of Husky Stadium plans at Saint Mary's has shifted and that the University is now considering a stadium for all concept with University, Local and Provincial Govt, as well as private sector meet with the sight of the current husky stadium too small for even a proper CIS stadium.

So before everone spends well ove 12o million byt the 2015 Pan Am games for BMO and that giving up on Halifax could be a thing of the past with several new players and forward thinker in the process now.

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there will be a new team out east. It is way beyond casual talks…it is in negotiations.

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I would love to know who they protected over Shologan. That was a big mistake.

Labatte, Heenan, Getzlaf, Foley, would all probably be for sure
Watman would also be another that would most likley have been protected.
So there is 5 with one spot left
Best would be my best guess for the last slot.

Probably leaving the REDBLACKS the choice of either Picard or Sholo
I say Best because of the great chmistry he and Heenan had at RG and RT. Going into the season I probably would have thought that Best would have gone unprotected for sure but with that Chemisrty and the trade of Neufeld.

Hurl is another they could have protected but I would guess Best.

Now with the free agency issue hanging with Butler the Riders are primed to start Hurl, if healthy at Wil LB with Tristian Black back up and special teams. Hurl has already saw major time on defense on 2nd and long packages in 2012 his rookie year. Black is somewhat of a CFL veteran but coming from NCAA DII has stabilized himself as a back up Will and special teams starter

Up to this point most Canadian Will LBs have not gotte to the starting line up even with some being some pretty high draft picks. Many have stabilized there roster spot as a starting special teams player.

Evans was a tough loss as well. both he and Dan Clark on the Oline worked their way up the latter the Junior route. First practice roster while playing Juniors, then practice roster up to the roster as key back ups. the sky is the liit for both these guys. Unless Evans grows into an all star before he becomes a free agent I could see him sigining back with the Riders when he becomes a free agent.

Sholo all though this was his only CFL team he is a pro all star player. From Alberta, played college for DI Central Florida, so I could see him adjusting well to Ottawa and being a priority of the REDBLACKS when he becomes a free agent again. With teams basically having 3 starting DTs that play pretty eqal time in a 3 man rotation he should have a long career.

I would think it was Best also it's no coincidence that when he went down the O line was a shambles. After he came back the running game took off again and the pass protection was much stronger.
When you are the champions and there is a draft you are bound to have players plucked off the roster. There's no avoiding it. If they had Dressler under wraps then they might have considered leaving Getz open but that also wasn't the case. It sucks to build a good team and then watch helplessly as some key players move on via draft, free agency etc but that is the reality of the business. Thats why you don't see too many repeat champions as you use to.
The times are a changing and for the league its probably healthier to have it a toss up who will win instead of just one or two dominate teams. Sure it would be nice as a Rider fan to see them get the best and keep the best for 10 years and win the majority of the cups but for some of the other teams survival it would disastrous. for teams like Hamilton and Winnipeg they need to have a good year this year, especially Winnipeg. Its also been a while since the Stamps won it all but if its another 5 years before it happens for them I won't cry about it. :slight_smile:

What would you say if they lost say Getzlaf? They were going to lose way around it. Unfortunate, yes...Mistake, perhaps...unavoidable that a popular player was leaving town, absolutely. Sholo was out performed in 2013...granted by imports, so they put his huge wage up there in hopes it would discourage. Sholo was splitting duties...the guys they were playing were pretty much every down guys.